TrustArc Privacy Profile, Dashboard
and Regulatory News

Take control of assessing privacy obligations and managing program KPIs with TrustArc.

Regulatory compliance has become more complex than ever. The requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have created challenges for information security leaders and privacy managers all over the world. Privacy leaders need a way to analyze applicable laws, and review program metrics in one centralized place.

Dashboard and Regulatory News

TrustArc Privacy Platform Dashboard

The Platform Dashboard provides a centralized, extensive view of your privacy program and actionable insights to inform your privacy program management. The dashboard generates privacy compliance KPIs (e.g., overall risk, control effectiveness, vendor management and more), includes a regulatory news feed and allows you to monitor risk and privacy program maturity level. Comprehensive and customizable, this dashboard allows you to make the most out of your privacy program effectiveness.

Key Benefits

  • Easily view actionable privacy KPIs
  • Gain insights to drive risk management and decisionmaking
  • Monitor privacy risk as it changes
  • Recognize important privacy trends Enable impactful improvements to programs

Privacy Profile

TrustArc Privacy Profile

The Privacy Profile gives privacy leaders confidence with regulatory review and analysis. Powered by TrustArc Intelligence Engine and insights from in-house privacy experts, the Privacy Profile maps company details against relevant regulations. Users can quickly see which laws and regulations apply to their business. The solution provides high level results,recommendations, and actionable insights to guide your path toward compliance and maturity.

Key Benefits

  • Automate privacy regulation analysis
  • Review applicable laws on an interactive map
  • Monitor regulatory compliance as new laws are put into effect
  • Communicate compliance requirements with actionable applicability reports

Privacy Profile, the Dashboard and Regulatory News and Insights are part of the TrustArc Platform. The platform includes a centralized dashboard with privacy compliance KPIs, a regulatory news and privacy insights feed and the ability to monitor risk and program maturity level.

TrustArc Privacy Platform

Take control of privacy with the TrustArc Privacy Profile, Dashboard and Regulatory Insights.