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Privacy Management Solutions

Technology powered privacy compliance and risk management solutions for the GDPR and much more.

TrustArc offers a broad range of solutions to help businesses at every stage of privacy program maturity. Our market leading SaaS data privacy management platform powers our consulting and certification solutions and is also available standalone to help address a range of compliance requirements, including the GDPR.

Design and Build
Your Program

  • GDPR Implementation Plans
  • Strategic Priority Reviews
  • Data Inventory & Mapping
  • PIA Program Development
  • On-Site Workshops

Assess and
Remediate Risks

  • Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Privacy Shield, APEC, BCRs
  • Vendor Management
  • Privacy Certifications

Your Program

  • GDPR / Compliance Reports
  • PIA / DPIA Automation
  • Cookie Consent / Tracker Audits
  • DAA / EDAA AdChoices
  • Dispute Resolution

TrustArc Data Privacy Management Platform

The TrustArc Platform is an integrated, scalable technology solution designed to support all your privacy needs. Based on two decades of privacy expertise and innovation, it’s available on a stand-alone basis and also powers our suite of consulting and certification solutions.

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Design and Build Your Program

The first step toward managing privacy compliance is building a comprehensive program. We can help you develop your strategy and processes to manage privacy across your business.

GDPR Priorities
Assess your readiness and develop an action plan.
Strategic Priorities
Develop a plan to address privacy across your organization.
Data Inventory
Develop a clearer picture of privacy risk exposure with data flow analysis and GDPR Article 30 reporting. Build maps and uncover data that pose a high risk so that DPIAs can be conducted.
Privacy Workshops
Create awareness and build consensus for privacy program investment with custom on-site workshops.
PIA / DPIA Program Development
Develop the processes, templates, and tools to conduct privacy risk assessments.
Managed Services
Assistance implementing and managing privacy management software to augment your internal team resources.

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Assess Your Program Risks

TrustArc can help you benchmark your compliance against a wide range of privacy standards.

You have the option of a privacy assessment, which includes a review of your privacy practices along with a detailed findings report and recommended changes – or a full privacy certification where we work with you to ensure all required changes are made and give you access to the globally recognized TRUSTe Privacy Seal.

Privacy Risk Assessments
Review risk for a variety of areas, including vendors, geographic expansion, and mergers & acquisitions.
Privacy Shield Verification
Verify your customer & HR privacy practices meet the latest standards.
APEC CBPR Certification
Certify your privacy practices meet the APEC standards.
Kids / COPPA Certification
Certify your privacy practices meet the COPPA standards.
EDAA Certification
Certify your privacy practices meet EU advertising industry standards.
TRUSTe Enterprise Certification
Certify your privacy practices meet industry standards, including FIPPs and OECD.

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Manage Your Program

Operationalize and manage privacy across your company with one or more technology solutions from our Data Privacy Management Platform. The platform is in use by over 1,000 clients worldwide and backed by a team of expert engineers and support personnel along with over five years of operating experience.

Data Mapping
Identify data flows, classify by type & risk, and create data maps.
PIA / DPIA Automation
Conduct and manage regular PIAs, DPIAs, and privacy risk assessments.
Cookie Consent
Manage user consent to ensure compliance with the GDPR & other regulations.
DAA / EDAA Ads Compliance
Obtain & manage user preferences across all devices.
Digital Tracker Monitoring
Identify and manage the use of trackers on your digital properties.
Dispute Resolution
Efficiently manage customer privacy inquiries.

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Deep Privacy Expertise + Proven Methodology + Powerful Technology

TrustArc solutions are powered by a unique combination of deep privacy expertise developed over two decades, proven methodologies refined through tens of thousands of engagements, and powerful technology operating at scale for six years.

TrustArc Powers Privacy Compliance For Over 1,000 Clients Worldwide

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