TrustArc Privacy Management Platform

Automate and manage privacy compliance for GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations with the TrustArc Platform.

The TrustArc privacy platform provides a comprehensive solution to manage your privacy program. The platform includes a centralized dashboard with privacy compliance KPIs, a regulatory news and privacy insights feed and the ability to monitor risk and program maturity level.

The platform and each of its modules are integrated and scalable, so they work together from the start and grow with you as your company needs change. As a SaaS solution, it’s easy to implement and easy to support.

TrustArc Privacy Profile

TrustArc Privacy Profile

Automate the process of analyzing which privacy regulations impact your business.

  • Interactive compliance map with drill-down functionality
  • Automated privacy priorities report powered by the Intelligence Engine
  • Customized compliance plan for immediate action

TrustArc Dashboard

TrustArc Privacy Platform Dashboard

Centralized view of KPIs and insights inform privacy program management.

  • Regulatory news feed
  • Privacy program maturity
  • Risk Scores and Project Status
  • Configurable, drag-and-drop user interface

TrustArc Platform

TrustArc Privacy Platform Dashboard

Comprehensive solution to operationalize and automate privacy compliance management.

  • Proven technology
  • Global coverage
  • Fast deployment
  • Continuous innovation

Privacy Program Management

Build the program infrastructure to identify and evaluate privacy compliance risks.

Marketing Compliance Management

Implement the processes and tools to manage key customer facing privacy requirements.

Privacy Risk Management

Manage compliance risk for breach, marketing consent, and data use across the company.

Cross-Platform Services

Manage IT system integration, company-wide implementation and build new processes.

The TrustArc Advantage

Powerful Technology - TrustArc
Proven Methodology - TrustArc
Privacy Expertise - TrustArc

Powerful Technology + Proven Methodology + Deep Expertise

The TrustArc Platform powers all solutions, combining:
9+ years of high scale operating experience
1,000s of successful customer engagements
20+ years of privacy industry experience

Looking for a solution to manage privacy compliance?