TrustArc Individual Rights Manager

Meet GDPR requirements for Data Subject Access Rights.

The GDPR requires that organizations provide data subjects with: Right of access by the data subject; rectification or erasure; restriction of processing; data portability.

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager

Addressing these rights will require knowing what data has been collected, determining which individual rights are being exercised and whether exceptions apply, and having a solution in place to respond to requests. Individual Rights Manager addresses GDPR Articles 12-23 on “Individual Rights” for the following items: Right of access; Right to rectification or erasure; Right to restrict or object processing; Right to data portability. This 3-in-1 solution helps companies address data subject access rights and individual rights requests by providing proven technology, expert consultants, and specialized content.

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager Features

Proven Technology

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager solution uses proven methodology leveraging our 20 year history as one of world’s largest providers of consumer privacy dispute resolution services. That methodology was used to design an easy to install, customizable solution that enables customers to submit requests easily and your company to efficiently manage, review, and follow-up.

Proven Methodology - Individual Rights Manager

Expert Consultants can Help you Understand Business Process Flows

Our privacy experts can help develop your individual rights program process based upon analyzing your business process flows. Using a customized program will help make your process streamlined and sustainable.

Expert Consulting can Help you Understand Business Data Flows - Individual Rights Manager

Specialized Content

Integrated with TrustArc Assessment Manager, the comprehensive set of regulatory assessment templates will help your company understand which individual rights apply to your processing. Assessment Manager will help streamline the validation, assessment, and response process for individuals’ requests.

Complete Solution - Individual Rights Manager

TrustArcConnect Reseller Program

TrustArc offers an attractive reseller program for partners interested in adding privacy compliance technology solutions to their product portfolio. For more information, click here.

TrustArcConnect Reseller Program

Streamlined Implementation Process

Review our proven 3-step process:

Step One

Individual Rights Form Configuration

Create custom individual rights request form. Leverage the well known TrustArc brand to collect requests.

Step Two

HTML Implementation

Embed short HTML code onto your website.

Step Three

Audit Trail

Receive notifications and automated reporting.

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