GDPR Privacy Solutions

GDPR Privacy Solutions

Manage GDPR compliance with our technology powered solutions.

TrustArc has comprehensive solutions and extensive experience to help you build a plan and implement the processes and controls to demonstrate and manage ongoing compliance.

GDPR Planning

GDPR Priorities

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company’s readiness for the GDPR and develop a plan of action to reach compliance. Our consultants can help you manage this process.

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Data Inventory
& Mapping

Generate a comprehensive inventory of your data, classification by risk and type, and data flows.

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Policies and

Develop the policies and procedures your company needs to maintain GDPR compliance. Training and customization is also available.

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GDPR Implementation

We can help you implement a wide range of initiatives outlined in your GDPR action plan. Many of these activities can be conducted in parallel depending on your organization’s requirements and resources.

Assess and manage GDPR compliance risks.

Privacy Risk

Identify and remediate “high risk” activities against the GDPR requirements.

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Address cross border data transfers between the EU and the US and implement Privacy Shield.

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DPIA / PIA Program

Build processes, customize assessment templates, and implement technology, to support a DPIA / PIA program.

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Implement compliance controls and monitoring tools.


Being prepared for a breach takes more than having policies on paper – it takes having a working response program. Our team will help you develop a program with optional training.

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Manage DPIAs / PIAs in a secure and centralized platform across your company.

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Cookie Consent

Manage user consent regarding the use of cookies so you can legitimately collect and store data on a consumer’s computer.

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Tracker Monitoring

Identify and manage the use of trackers on your digital properties.

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Efficiently manage customer privacy inquiries.

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Set up the procedural and technical structures needed to meet GDPR data protection rights requirements.

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Deep Privacy Expertise + Proven Methodology + Powerful Technology

TrustArc solutions are powered by a unique combination of deep privacy expertise developed over two decades, proven methodologies refined through tens of thousands of engagements, and powerful technology operating at scale for six years.

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