TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager

Address GDPR Cookie Consent Requirements.

Website cookies are often necessary for the proper functioning of a business website, for analytics or for functional delivery of first-party or third-party advertising. Any cookie that is capable of identifying an EU resident, or treating them as unique without explicitly identifying them, means that the website is processing GDPR “personal data”.

The GDPR mandates that companies collecting personal data from EU residents do so in accordance with strict notice and consent requirements, if consent is the justification for processing under GDPR Article 6. Recital 32 of the GDPR requires that consents must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.

TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager

TrustArc has been a leader and innovator in the consent industry since 2012.

TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager has been relied upon by companies worldwide, ranging in size up to the Fortune 100 and in every industry sector. It is designed to meet the complex requirements of the GDPR, with the flexibility to evolve to meet the requirements of the ePrivacy Regulation.

Cookie Consent Manager provides a powerful, flexible, proven solution to address cookie compliance, including support for visual customization and branding, implementation through a single script, integration with tag management systems for zero cookie load (an opt-in configuration), audit trails and global implementation through dynamic language detection.

Cookie Consent Manager Features

IAB EU Framework Support

Option to support the IAB EU Transparency Consent Framework. Easy implementation for both new and existing customers.

IAB EU Framework


Detect a broad range of tracking technologies, including JavaScript tags, web beacons, local storage objects, and much more. Scan results will trigger automatic updates to your Cookie Consent Manager.

Privacy Compliance Scan

Reverse IP Lookup

Identify the country of each site visitor, allowing you to match the delivery of the consent notice to the specific regulatory requirements for the requesting party.

Reverse IP Lookup

GDPR Compliance Reports

Provides a demonstrable audit trail and report of having captured a data subject's consent, together with required time of consent and other metadata in compliance with GDPR Article 7(1), should a regulatory authority or a user require proof.

Privacy Compliance Reports

Integration with Tag Management Systems

Integrate with tag management systems by Adobe, Tealium, Signal, Ensighten, Google and others to support the strictest level of consent — a "zero-cookie load". This means that you will be able to suspend cookies and other personal data processing actions from loading onto your site prior to obtaining the data subject's consent.

Integration with Tag Management Systems

Visual Customization and Branding

Your consent mechanism can be custom tailored to align with your corporate branding. Select colors, fonts, and logos to maintain your site’s look and feel.

Visual Customization and Branding

Dynamic Browser Language Detection

TrustArc offers dynamic language detection, which means one tag detects the correct browser language and displays the appropriate language for the user for the best user experience. Clients can support multiple languages through a single tag deployment rather than deploying one tag per language.

Browser Language Settings Detection

TrustArc Direct Marketing Consent Manager

TrustArc also offers a solution to support compliance with GDPR consent requirements for activities such as promoting products and services, surveys, newsletter subscriptions and other marketing activities directed at data subjects. For more information, click here.

TrustArc Direct Marketing Consent Manager

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