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TrustArc Assessment Manager

Meet GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory requirements with PIA / DPIA automation.

Conducting compliance and risk assessments is an established best practice for privacy and data protection. Moreover, if you are subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), conducting PIAs (or DPIAs) is also a requirement. In order to manage the growing volume of privacy assessments and ongoing reporting requirements, you need a solution to automate and operationalize your processes.

SC Awards 2017

TrustArc named a finalist for the SC Awards Europe 2017 in the category of Best Risk Management/Regulatory Compliance Solution, for Assessment Manager

TrustArc Assessment Manager

Assessment Manager is built on powerful technology that identifies where and why your practices don’t align with regulations, and defines the path to remediation. The workflow tools and Intelligence Engine detect the need for, and then streamline Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and PIAs.

Automate the process to complete assessments and generate compliance reports - save time, increase accuracy, and improve record keeping.

Assessment Manager Features

Privacy Dashboard

Monitor the status of privacy projects and activities at a glance, or drill down to get more information.

Privacy Dashboard

Intelligent Privacy Templates

Perform assessments of common use cases with our pre-loaded templates. Or create new or custom templates to assess your unique use case. Whichever you choose, conditional logic and controls help ensure the right questions are asked from the start.

Intelligent Privacy Template

Privacy Assessment Engine

Create, execute and review privacy assessments with an intuitive user interface and easy point and click controls.

Privacy Assessment Survey Engine

Privacy Compliance Review and Gap Analysis

Streamline the review process and highlight gaps requiring attention. Advanced machine intelligence is built into our templates, making them easy-to-use and time efficient.

Privacy Compliance Review and Gap Analysis

Privacy Workflow Management

Accelerate the identification and organization of privacy resources from across your enterprise with advanced workflow and process automation.

Privacy WorkflowManagement

SaaS Architecture

Assessment Manager is easy to implement and manage without support from IT. Our cloud-based architecture also means it’s easy to add people, make changes on the fly and receive real time product updates.

SaaS Architecture

Customizable Templates

Assessment Manager comes pre-loaded with customizable templates developed by privacy experts. The templates address a wide range of topics including GDPR, privacy program management, and much more.

Customizable Templates

Platform Integration Options

Integrate with a variety of existing applications and select from multiple secure & scalable hosting environments.

Platform Integration

TrustArcConnect Reseller Program

TrustArc offers an attractive reseller program for partners interested in adding privacy compliance technology solutions to their product portfolio. For more information, click here.

TrustArcConnect Reseller Program

Looking for help with PIA / DPIA / Privacy Risk Assessment automation?

Calculate the ROI of Assessment Automation

Assessments are an important step toward complying with GDPR and other privacy regulations. But what is the return on your investment? Use our calculator to find out. First, enter the number of assessments you expect to do in the coming year. Next, adjust the sliders to fill in your potential timesavings and determine which solution is right for you. For a more precise ROI calculation or to create a PDF of the ROI report, please click the button below.