Certification Standards

TRUSTe Privacy Certifications help businesses establish and maintain strong privacy management practices consistent with a wide range of global regulatory and industry standards.

Each certification has Certification Standards applied against a company’s online properties (like websites, mobile apps, cloud platforms), customer and employee data management practices, and/or applicable regulatory frameworks (like COPPA). Our Certification Standards are the requirements against which we evaluate and certify a company’s privacy practices and these requirements embody our mission to promote transparency, accountability and choice in the collection and use of personal information. Certified companies that display our privacy seal demonstrate compliance with our Certification Standards and their commitment to privacy protection, instilling confidence and trust in users of their products and services.

TRUSTe’s Certification Standards incorporate principles from privacy frameworks established by APEC, the OECD, and the FTC and also reflect input from consumers, clients, advocates and regulators. Privacy, like technology, continually evolves and we closely monitor privacy developments in the public and private sector and amend our Certification Standards as needed. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to implement new Certification Standards, ensuring that they can confidently deploy state-of-the-art products and services while maintaining strong privacy protections.

Use the table below to navigate and access our Certification Standards by certification type. 

Certification Standards Table

TRUSTe Certification




Enterprise Privacy Certification


TRUSTed Data


TRUSTed Downloads


Children's Privacy


*TRUSTe’s APEC accountability agent participation documents are available for review by downloading the following:

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