TrustArc and RADAR Partnership

TrustArc and RADAR: A Strategic Partnership for Global Privacy Compliance

RADAR's incident response management solution is an ideal pairing with the TrustArc privacy management platform. The combined TrustArc and RADAR solutions address critical privacy program functions, including creating data inventories, conducting risk assessments, managing policies, providing transparency, and planning for and responding to data breach incidents.

The TrustArc-RADAR strategic partnership entails cross-licensing, product integration, and consulting initiatives to meet the needs of the rapidly-growing global market for technology solutions to operationalize privacy program management.

RADAR Inc., the winner of the 2017 HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award, is a best-of-breed, proven solution for simplifying compliance with complex breach notification requirements under U.S. and international laws and regulations, including the GDPR.

HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award

The RADAR Breach Guidance Engine™ automates a multi-factor incident risk assessment. It leads users through an intuitive workflow that profiles and scores data privacy and security incidents and generates incident-specific notification guidelines to help ensure compliance with data breach laws as well as contractual notice obligations.

RADAR incident risk assessment

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