TRUSTe Smart Grid Privacy Certification

TRUSTe Smart Grid
Privacy Certification

Show customers and partners they can trust your smart grid products.

The Smart Grid is a planned nationwide network that uses information technology to deliver electricity efficiently, reliably, and securely. Smart Meters, a key element of the Smart Grid, enables the collection of detailed customer energy usage data (CEUD) in order to 1) help utilities manage the delivery of energy more effectively and 2) provide customers an understanding of their energy use and information on how to manage it more economically.

TRUSTe Smart Grid Privacy Certification

Privacy concerns and risks arise from the increased collection of detailed personal information and require additional protection for customers.

The TRUSTe Smart Grid Privacy Program assesses and certifies the privacy practices of third-party companies that require access to CEUD to power "smart" services and products, convincing utilities and customers that they can trust those companies with their energy usage data.

Some of "smart" services and products that can benefit from TRUSTe Smart Grid Privacy Program are: home security management systems, smart thermostats and appliances, and energy management apps. The TRUSTe Smart Grid Privacy Program helps companies certify their data collection and usage practices - using a standard for privacy that is based on Smart Grid Guidelines developed by the Future of Privacy Forum, and TRUSTe’s core values of transparency, choice, and accountability.

Deep Privacy Expertise + Proven Methodology + Powerful Technology

TrustArc solutions are powered by a unique combination of deep privacy expertise developed over two decades, proven methodologies refined through tens of thousands of engagements, and powerful technology operating at scale for six years.

Certification Features

TRUSTe privacy certifications follow a comprehensive and proven multi-step process to ensure your privacy practices meet applicable regulatory and industry standards.

Data Collection & Discovery

TRUSTe Smart Grid Privacy certification begins with a review of the data privacy management practices you want to certify. We work with you to identify a range of information including what data you collect, how you use it, who you share it with, third party agreements, use of trackers, privacy disclosures, opt-outs, and much more. We also review your stated privacy practices and policies.

Privacy Findings Report & Gap Analysis

We present you with a Privacy Findings Report summarizing a gap analysis between your privacy practices and the TRUSTe Privacy Certification Standards along with the changes you need to make to your data privacy management practices and privacy policies to achieve certification. The TRUSTe Privacy Certification Standards are built upon the core principles of transparency, choice and accountability and they provide a comprehensive set of requirements based on applicable privacy regulations, industry self-regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.

Privacy Statement Validation

We validate that your new privacy statement accurately reflects your privacy practices and is consistent with our Privacy Certification Standards.

Certified Privacy Seal

Once we validate that you've implemented the changes outlined in the Privacy Findings Report, you get access to the TRUSTe Smart Grid Certified Privacy Seal. The seal is recognized globally as a high standard for privacy management and displayed on thousands of websites and apps. You can display the seal both on your privacy statement as well as in other prominent places like your website home page and site footer to demonstrate your commitment to privacy. The seal is hosted and linked to a TRUSTe Validation Page to provide real-time verification that your website certification is current and valid.

Letter of Attestation

Once certification is complete, you can request a customized letter of attestation that your company is a TRUSTe client that has undergone a review and alignment with TRUSTe's privacy program requirements. This attestation can be shared with clients and business partners as part of RFPs and other processes reviews to complement the TRUSTe Seal, providing a competitive distinction and selling point.

Privacy Dispute Resolution Service

Access to our third-party dispute resolution service, which helps you efficiently manage privacy inquiries from customers. It also addresses the dispute handling requirements for regulatory programs like the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Ongoing Privacy Guidance

TRUSTe Smart Grid Certification also provides you with access to ongoing privacy guidance as it relates to your TRUSTe certification, including new regulations, product plans, geographic expansion, and acquisitions. You’ll get access to TRUSTe Privacy Solutions experts along with Educational Webinars, Seminars, White Papers, and Research Reports.