TrustArc Privacy Assessment Library

Assess compliance, prioritize risks, and receive remediation recommendations for a range of global laws and frameworks.

Complying with the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, APEC, forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation and other laws and frameworks necessitates having specialized expertise into each law. TrustArc intelligent assessments have that expertise built in, saving time and resources.

TrustArc Privacy Assessment Library

TrustArc Privacy Assessment Library contains dozens of intelligent assessments embedded with privacy expertise, gap analysis, automatic task creation, and risk scoring to help perform remediation and sustain your ongoing compliance programs.

The Privacy Assessment Library is part of the TrustArc Platform and seamlessly connects to your data inventory in Data Inventory Hub, data subject access requests in Individual Rights Manager, and more. While these assessments have all the information you need, our expert privacy consultants can help develop and implement a program if needed. Select from the following packages of assessments:

GDPR Essentials

Address key requirements for GDPR compliance, using the following assessments: GDPR maturity, risk assessments for business units, inherent risk, DPIAs, PIAs, vendor, individual rights, and GDPR-CCPA assessments.

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Privacy Program Essentials

Address key privacy best practices using the following assessments: data governance, policies, PIAs, breach preparation, and vendor security assessments.

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Individual Rights

Set up the procedural and technical structures needed to meet GDPR data protection rights requirements.

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California Consumer Privacy Act

Address key requirements for CCPA compliance, using the following assessments: CCPA threshold, CCPA readiness, GDPR-CCPA readiness, CCPA security readiness, PIA, and integrated vendor privacy and security assessments.

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Legitimate Interests Assessment

Address key requirements for determining the basis of processing personal data leveraging legitimate interest and balancing tests, to help save time, reduce resources and track audit trails of data.

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Permitted Use and Transfer

Address key requirements for processing data, and transferring it, using the following assessments: legal basis of processing, legitimate interest, consent, third parties, international data transfers, and Privacy Shield Vendor assessments.

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Customized Privacy Assessments

TrustArc privacy consultants can create custom assessment templates to address additional compliance requirements. These can be new, or based on existing templates you are currently using for your privacy program.

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TrustArc Privacy Assessment Library Features

Powerful Technology

Powered by the TrustArc Platform and seamlessly integrated with Data Inventory Hub, Assessment Manager, and Individual Rights Manager.

Powerful Technology

Deep Privacy Expertise

The assessments and risk analysis algorithms powering the assessments were developed by TrustArc privacy experts who have extensive experience working with compliance and privacy risk analysis.

Deep Privacy Expertise

Compliance Reporting

Produce GDPR Article 30 and 35 reports to meet compliance reporting requirements.

Compliance Reporting

Easy to Use

Streamlined user experience along with helpful tips and training resources are available to make the user experience easy.

Easy to Use

See how TrustArc Privacy Assessments can help you manage privacy compliance risk.