PIA / DPIA / Privacy Assessment
Program Development

Develop a sustainable program to conduct regular PIAs, DPIAs, and Privacy Risk Assessments.

According to the EU GDPR, PIAs, also known as DPIAs, must be conducted when specific privacy risks occur to the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

Many companies are already conducting PIAs, but in an ad hoc way through emails, phone calls and spreadsheets. Creating a sustainable PIA program, training the team, putting it into action, and then maintaining it requires expertise and a structured approach and templates.

TrustArc Privacy Risk Assessment Program Development

This solution will enable your team to develop a sustainable program using our streamlined 4-step process. The process uses best practices from our two decades of experience delivering privacy services to thousands of clients around the world.

Powerful Technology + Proven Methodology + Deep Expertise

The TrustArc Platform powers all solutions, combining:
9+ years of high scale operating experience
1,000s of successful customer engagements
20+ years of privacy industry experience

Our Proven, 4-Step Process

TrustArc has an established assessment methodology based on two decades of experience delivering privacy services to thousands of clients around the world.

Step One

Define Roles
& Responsibilities

We will help you create the core elements of a Privacy Risk Assessment Program by defining the roles and responsibilities of the team members who will be involved in the process.

Step Two

Create Process Workflow

Next, our team will help you develop a repeatable, scalable process workflow that incorporates best practices.

Step Three

Create Assessment Content

We will help create a PIA / DPIA Questionnaire to identify, assess, and mitigate privacy risks throughout the development lifecycle of a specific product, service, or system.

Step Four

Implement Pilot Program

Finally, we will assist you run a pilot program to create a blueprint for how the organization can implement the new program successfully on a much wider scale.

Get help developing a sustainable Privacy Risk Assessment program today.