Consulting Solutions

TrustArc Privacy experts help build and implement GDPR DPIAs / PIAs and produce reports that demonstrate compliance.

The GDPR mandates private sector organizations to conduct DPIAs for areas of high risk processing.

Completing these assessments requires having in depth knowledge of your company’s privacy program and posture against the requirements, which can be a hard task. Our team of experts can provide the expertise and resources needed.

TrustArc GDPR DPIA & PIA Consulting Solutions

Our team has the expertise and leverages the TrustArc Platform to complete a DPIA / PIA in a sustainable manner, complete these assessments, complete compliance reporting, and produce customer facing documents illustrating compliance efforts.

Powerful Technology + Proven Methodology + Deep Expertise

The TrustArc Platform powers all solutions, combining:
9+ years of high scale operating experience
1,000s of successful customer engagements
20+ years of privacy industry experience

DPIA & PIA Consulting Solution Features


The DPIA template covers all compliance requirements outlined in Article 35 and EU Guidelines on DPIAs.


Begin with a simple threshold assessment before proceeding with a full DPIA (if required) – plus the option of accessing an assessment template library for other privacy reviews including PIAs, vendor risk legitimate interests assessment and incident response. Ability to tailor existing assessment templates and create custom templates.


Logic-based question sequence, automated gap review, automated and customizable risk assessment, and detailed remediation guidance and recommendations.

Easy to Use

Friendly user interface and streamlined workflow optimized for administrators, managers, and respondents.

End to End Solution

Manage the entire process – requesting and following up on stakeholder input; analyzing responses; assessing risk and compliance; managing remediation; generating a risk register and compliance reports as well as a DPIA outcomes report.


The DPIA solution was developed and reviewed by a team of globally recognized EU privacy experts from TrustArc and the Information Accountability Foundation (IAF) and has been reviewed with regulators in the EU.


Key privacy safeguards are recorded as the DPIA is conducted. Upon completion of the assessment, evaluation of your organization’s responses to questions assessing the nature of the planned data processing activity, the risk associated with the activity and the effectiveness of mitigating controls and safeguards implemented or planned for implementation in connection with the activity will be included in a custom report that can be used to demonstrate Article 35 compliance.

An optional customer-facing illustration of your company’s GDPR and privacy commitment is also available. This document can be used externally with clients to demonstrate your company’s adherence to GDPR Article 35 and general privacy posture.

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