EDAA Privacy Certification

Ensure your website meets the EU data protection requirements for data collectors.

Meeting regulations, in addition to customer privacy expectations, necessitates understanding complex requirements. Navigating these requirements is imperative because non-compliance can lead to hefty legal fees, fines, and lawsuits, as well as lost brand trust and business opportunities.

TRUSTe EDAA Privacy Certification

EDAA Privacy Certification reduces privacy risks for any company doing Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) in the EU market. We are an EDAA-approved certification provider. Companies that successfully complete certification receive a detailed report outlining our findings and are awarded the EDAA Trust Seal to easily demonstrate to regulators, potential partners, or consumers compliance with privacy best practices in the EU for data collection.

This certification will:

  • Protect your brand from privacy risks through detailed audits and certifications, thus helping ensure compliance with self-regulatory frameworks
  • Minimize Compliance Risk by helping ensure your practices are aligned with EU self regulatory criteria and best practices, thus building trust amongst your partners who are more willing to work with you
  • Shorten sales cycles with new customers and deepens the trust in your existing business relationships
Privacy Expertise - TrustArc
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Deep Privacy Expertise + Proven Methodology + Powerful Technology

TrustArc solutions are powered by a unique combination of deep privacy expertise developed over two decades, proven methodologies refined through tens of thousands of engagements, and powerful technology operating at scale for eight years.

Certification Features

Based on the information gleaned from the assessment, a Privacy Solutions Manager guides you through the remediation process, helping to ensure required changes are completed.

Remediation / Validation

A Privacy Solutions Manager assists with any necessary remediation steps, including providing relevant templates and process change advice. We then validate that your privacy statements accurately reflect your updated privacy practices and are consistent with applicable standards.

Letter of Attestation

As proof of TRUSTe Certification, an official Letter of Attestation can be shared with your business partners, providing your organization with competitive differentiation.

TRUSTe Privacy Certification Seal

Once we validate that you’ve implemented the changes outlined in the Privacy Findings Report, you get access to the EDAA Trust Seal. You can display the seal both on your privacy statement as well as in other prominent places like your website home page and site footer to demonstrate your commitment to privacy.

EDAA Trust Seal