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Take control of GDPR data subject access requests and CCPA consumer rights with TrustArc.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) significantly increase the requirements on how businesses address individual rights, also referred to as data subject rights or consumer privacy rights. These regulations also impose strict requirements on businesses regarding the type of data subject access requests (DSAR) they need to address and the timeline and process they need to follow to fulfill the requests.

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager

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Addressing individual rights will require knowing what data has been collected, determining which rights are being exercised and whether exceptions apply and having a solution in place to respond to requests.

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager is designed to help companies meet GDPR, CCPA and other compliance requirements, minimize risk and build trust with customers. The solution enables individuals to easily submit DSARs and companies to efficiently manage, evaluate and resolve requests within required timelines. In addition, companies can use the solution to maintain an audit trail that demonstrates accountability and regulatory compliance.

Learn more about requirements in laws like GDPR and CCPA and steps to support your consumer rights / DSAR compliance efforts from the privacy experts at TrustArc.

Individual Rights Manager Features

Proven Technology

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager uses proven methodology leveraging our 20 year history as one of world’s largest providers of consumer privacy dispute resolution services. That methodology was used to design a customizable solution that enables customers to easily submit requests and companies to efficiently manage, review and follow-up to meet GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements.

Proven Methodology - Individual Rights Manager

Request Intake

The TrustArc Button is deployed on applicable websites and prompts individuals to submit a request. Once the individual clicks through, a user-friendly form pops up, automating the process of collecting the correct information from each consumer and allowing them to easily submit a DSAR.

Request Intake - Individual Rights Manager

Identity Verification

Identity Verification allows companies to easily verify the identity of individuals submitting DSARs and ensures that the process moves forward only for valid individuals. Flexible options available for the level of authentication you need including email verification, verification based on personal information, and an advanced solution that uses multiple choice questions to validate identity.

Identity Verification - Individual Rights Manager

Request Management Portal

Request management portal streamlines tracking, evaluating and following-up on DSARs; supports process completion within required timelines (i.e., for GDPR and CCPA compliance); and helps ensure that all DSARs are responded to in a timely manner.

Workflow Management - Individual Rights Manager

Compliance Reports

Compliance reports can be generated to support request management efforts and show progress toward resolving requests.

Compliance Reports - Individual Rights Manager

Data Mapping

Integration with TrustArc Data Inventory Hub allows a company to easily locate an individual’s data within systems, which speeds up response times.

Data Mapping - Individual Rights Manager

Data Discovery

Data discovery solutions help companies to uncover personally identifiable information (PII) across systems and perform on-demand searches for requested customer data to support fulfilling requests.

Data Discovery - Individual Rights Manager

Individual Rights Consulting

TrustArc privacy experts can help develop an individual rights program process based upon analyzing a company’s business process flows. Implementing a customized compliance program will help make the process efficient, streamlined and sustainable.

Individual Rights Consulting - Individual Rights Manager

Privacy Dashboard

Monitor the status of privacy KPIs along with regulatory updates with the centralized, configurable dashboard.

Privacy Dashboard

End to End Privacy Management

Part of the TrustArc Platform which manages all phases of privacy compliance – assessments, data inventory & mapping, vendor risk, cookie consent, DSARs and much more.

TrustArc Platform

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