Data Inventory & Mapping

Data Inventory and Mapping

Define and manage comprehensive privacy data flows.

For most businesses, managing the data flows for hundreds of websites, systems and vendors, along with dozens of data types is complex. Assessing privacy and compliance risk is nearly impossible without technology and expertise to research, analyze, and map all your customer and employee data flows.

TrustArc Data Inventory and Mapping

Identify what data is collected, where it is stored, who it is shared with, and how long it is retained. TrustArc has a proven 3-step process to simplify the exercise: comprehensive data inventory and mapping; data and risk classification; and a findings report with optional visual data flows. Our consultants use their collective expertise to meet with key people in your organization while leveraging cutting edge technology to classify, categorize, and then associate each business process or application with a risk level.

Learn how Data Inventory and Mapping can help you manage privacy risks.

TrustArc Data Inventory and Mapping Features

Comprehensive Discovery

Discovery using the best of both worlds – technology and consultants. Automated questionnaires, digital scanning, data imports, and consultant led interviews.

Comprehensive Data Discovery – Data Inventory and Mapping

Inventory Creation

Cutting edge technology makes creating a secure, centralized inventory fast and sustainable.

Inventory Creation – Data Inventory and Mapping

Risk Assessment

Optional in-depth risk assessments via TrustArc Assessment Manager are seamlessly integrated.

Risk Assessment – Data Inventory and Mapping

Reporting & Mapping

Customized data inventory maps provide an at-a-glance view of the entire enterprise data flows.

Data Flow – Data Inventory and Mapping

Learn how TrustArc can help you map your data flows.