TrustArc Data Flow Manager

Define and manage business process flows for privacy compliance.

For most businesses, managing the data flows for hundreds of websites, systems and vendors, along with dozens of data types is complex.
Managing privacy and compliance risk is nearly impossible without powerful, proven technology, to operationalize mapping all your customer and employee data flows, plus analyzing them for risk and compliance.

TrustArc Data Flow Manager

Create an up to date data inventory of data collected, along with visual data maps of business processes. Use our proven workflow to identify information about the data collected, then generate compliance reports, including GDPR Article 30 reports. If needed, our consultants can help build your data inventory by using their collective expertise to meet with key people in your organization while leveraging our powerful technology platform.

Learn how TrustArc GDPR solutions, including Data Flow Manager can help manage privacy risks and GDPR compliance.

TrustArc Data Flow Manager Features

Easy to Use

Expert developed process will walk you through the information necessary to generate comprehensive compliance reports.

Data Inventory Creation

Creating a secure, centralized, evergreen data inventory has never been more straightforward.

Visual Data Mapping

Turn complicated business flows into visual maps using a drag and drop canvas.

Reporting & Mapping

Create GDPR Article 30 reports.

Data Inventory Creation

Learn how TrustArc can help you create visual data maps of your business processes.