TRUSTe Children's Privacy / COPPA
Assessments & Certifications

Demonstrate your commitment to kids' privacy with a Children's Privacy Certification.

If your website or app is fully or partially targeted towards children under the age of 13, or your website or app knowingly collects personal information from children under the age of 13, you need to comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforced Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

TRUSTe Children’s Privacy Assessment and Certifications

The TRUSTe Children’s Privacy Certification program allows businesses to demonstrate the child-friendly nature of their website or app while ensuring compliance with COPPA. The program certifies compliance and meets the requirements of the TRUSTe Children’s Privacy Certification Standards, which include ongoing monitoring and privacy dispute resolution.

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TrustArc solutions are powered by a unique combination of deep privacy expertise developed over two decades, proven methodologies refined through tens of thousands of engagements, and powerful technology operating at scale for eight years.

Assessment Features

TRUSTe has provided COPPA Safe Harbor certifications since 2001 and has extensive experience working on children’s privacy programs with clients of all sizes across a variety of industries. A member of our Global Privacy Solutions team will guide you through the process, utilizing our proven methodology and powerful technology.

Privacy Review

The first step is to define the assessment scope by business units, product/service lines, and digital properties (websites, apps, cloud platforms). A member of our Global Privacy Solutions team works with your team to efficiently guide discovery of necessary information, including relevant data flows and evaluation of your privacy policies and practices against relevant standards.

Tracker Scanning

The assessment is augmented with information gleaned by using TrustArc scanning technology on the applicable digital properties, providing insight into what first and third party trackers may be collecting information through those digital properties.

Findings Report

A findings report is delivered which includes a gap analysis, risk summary and remediation recommendations. The report outlines actionable steps required to achieve compliance.

Searchable Audit Trail

All assessment work and supporting documentation is available in a searchable, central repository - providing a way to respond to inquiries and demonstrate compliance for internal / external audits.

Ongoing Guidance

Access to privacy experts for ongoing policy guidance along with educational webinars, events, whitepapers, client advisories, privacy tips and research.

Dispute Resolution

Access to a third-party dispute resolution service, which helps efficiently manage privacy inquiries from customers and addresses dispute handling compliance requirements.

TRUSTe Privacy Feedback Button

External demonstration to consumers, business partners and regulators that your company uses TrustArc technology and tools to manage privacy related questions or concerns. The Feedback Button may be placed on your digital Privacy Policy page and links to a mechanism for consumers to submit questions or feedback.

Privacy Feedback

Certification Features

Based on the information gleaned from the assessment, a member of our Global Privacy Solutions team guides you through the remediation process, helping to ensure required changes are completed.

Remediation / Validation

A member of our Global Privacy Solutions team assists with any necessary remediation steps, including providing relevant templates and process change advice. We then validate that your privacy statements accurately reflect your updated privacy practices and are consistent with applicable standards.

Letter of Attestation

As proof of TRUSTe Certification, an official Letter of Attestation can be shared with your business partners, providing your organization with competitive differentiation.

TRUSTe Children's Privacy Certification Seal

After completing the required changes, we authorize your use of the TRUSTe Kids Privacy seal for display on applicable digital properties. The seal is hosted and linked to a TRUSTe Validation Page to provide real-time verification along with an easy-to-understand consumer notice that you meet TRUSTe’s Children’s Privacy Program Requirements.

TRUSTe COPPA Privacy seal

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Assess how your websites and apps meet COPPA / kids’ privacy regulations.