Opt-in With Ads Preference manager

By Jannette Cabardo, Data Team and Product Manager

In adherence to the latest eDAA’s specification on providing opt-in preference for users, TRUSTe supports the functionality to opt users out and in seamlessly through our ads preference manager. This opt-in feature provides additional benefits to the ads ecosystem, because users are able to opt back in seamlessly after opting out, instead of having to clear cookies via browser settings.

How It Works:

When users opt-out or opt-in from our preference manager, TRUSTe sends opt-out or opt–in requests to the companies selected. To opt the user out, the company places a cookie in the browser to indicate users’ wish to opt-out of tracking. To opt the user in, the company deletes or updates the opt-out cookie in the browser to indicate users’ wish to opt into personalized advertising when serving ads on pages that users’ visit.

Users can opt out and in from online behavioral targeting through a couple simple clicks in our preference manager on desktop and/or mobile environments.


Fig. 1. Preference Manager with Opt-In Feature

To learn more, please contact TRUSTe with any questions, and learn how you can integrate this new feature into your solution.