Are You Cross-Device Compliance Ready?

by Helen Huang, Sr. Product Manager

The digital data transformation continues as ad companies engage users and collect data across multiple devices. Evolution of technology is typically followed with changes in the policy and regulations to address technology changes. Compliance with Digital Advertising Alliance’s November 2015 Cross-Device Guidance, will now be enforced by the Data & Marketing Association and Council of Better Business Bureau starting February 1, 2017.


DAA, DMA, and CBBB, in addition to the Federal Trade Commission, have taken active roles to examine cross-device use cases with industry stakeholders in order to determine a “common sense guidance” for companies who engage users across many devices in the context of mobile and desktop.

  • Highlighted in the Cross-Device Compliance Webinar hosted by the DMA, “companies need to clearly explain the scope of the opt-out stating exactly what users are opting-out and extent of devices it applies to.”
  • The guidance includes additional notice requirements to inform consumers that data is collected among various devices and inferred connections are associating multiple devices to a single user.
  • Preferences (e.g., opt-outs) apply to the browser or device from which choice is made by the user. In short, “data can’t go in and out from a certain environment or device once the opt-out has been made for that device or environment.”

The cross-device guidance is independently enforced by the DMA and CBBB. Since 2015-2016, DMA has handled 540/12,000 inquiries and 6/37 cases that are IBA-specific.

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