Understand Third-party Tracker Impact on Web Performance

Effectively managing website tracking technologies is fundamental to online channel marketing. In the increasingly complex and data-driven world of marketing and e-commerce, many organizations recognize the importance of how understanding and managing the digital environment are a key centerpiece of the business.

TRUSTe Website Monitoring Service is an in-depth web monitoring technology serving Publishers, Advertisers and Brands. It can identify all tracking activity, and clients use our Website Monitoring tracking reports to properly mitigate compliance risks and prevent revenue leakage. In addition, TRUSTe Website Monitoring collects valuable data that shows how trackers affect Web Performance. As companies add more 3rd party code for advertising, social media, or analytics purposes onto digital properties, it becomes more challenging to manage across departmental teams.

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Every new tracker added to a site can introduce additional latency and degrade the customer experience. It is the end user visiting the website who bears the brunt of this overhead when they load pages containing third-party code. Research has shown that as little as 250 milliseconds of latency can negatively impact the user experience. This can result in less time spent on your site and ultimately a loss in revenue (Optimizely Blog). It’s critical to identify the unique trackers that are negatively impacting page load time and take measures to address it. .

TRUSTe can first disclose all the tracking activity discovered on the digital properties via our in-house robust, proprietary crawler. The trackers are provided to our clients with additional important information to optimize page performance, such as reporting on how long the tracker took to load, where it was found, and how it got onto the page.

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TRUSTe encourages our clients to monitor their websites not only to help mitigate privacy risks but also to protect your revenue. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about who is tracking users on your site and how they may be impacting performance.