Helping Ad Tech Companies Uncover and Mitigate Privacy Risks

Now that GDPR has been finalized, Privacy Shield is in place, EU regulators are turning to review the e-Privacy Directive including how companies are complying with the Cookie Directive (Section 5(3)c under the e-Privacy Directive). The Cookie Sweeps Round 2 conducted by the French Data Protection Authority, CNIL, is reviewing data companies in the ad technology, social media, and analytics industries. In about 18 months, May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] will be in effect and require companies to have auditable documentation of data processing activities in place. Ad companies who are the biggest and most complex data aggregators, users, and processors need to figure out a scalable methodology to come into compliance.


(Interactive Advertising Bureau)

Data is collected and shared among various players in the ads ecosystem. As tracking technologies evolve and get more sophisticated, ad companies need to understand what data is collected; where it is stored; who it is shared with; and how long it is retained. It’s key that ad companies have proper data inventory and mapping processes, and a technology solution to support a scalable privacy and data governance framework to meet upcoming regulatory obligations.

TRUSTe recently released Data Inventory 2.0, a solution that combines robust software technologies, privacy consulting expertise, and proven methodology to help data companies prepare to meet privacy regulations including the EU GDPR. TRUSTe is spearheading innovation by creating actionable data inventories and mapping of your data flows.

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