Custom Approval Workflows in Assessment Manager

As TRUSTe’s Assessment Manager continues to get broader adoption by privacy and compliance teams we have seen that not all companies review assessments in the same way. There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to processes within the privacy teams.

For this reason TRUSTe Assessment Manager has evolved to support different approval workflows. Our customers choose the one that most closely follows their process and are able to customize workflow based on the assessment type.

I will describe each of the 3 main approval workflow options below.

Option 1: Simple Approval

This option allows the privacy reviewer(s) to approve the assessment at any time after all the questions have been answered. While the reviewer will be able to see and review all the issues that have been flagged on the assessment, she will be able to approve the assessment at any time. There is no system enforcement that the issues must be formally resolved prior to approval.

Option 2: Issue resolution required prior to Approval 

This  workflow option requires all issues that have been flagged on the assessment to be resolved prior to approval. This is the most commonly used workflow. It requires the reviewer to formally resolve every issue and “accept” the assessment before she can perform the final approval.

resolve issues

Option 3: Ability to re-open completed assessments 

This option is an extension of option 2, and provides additional functionality for  the privacy reviewer to reassign  sections of the assessment back to users. E.g. if it is becomes obvious that Tony Berman is not the subject matter expert on a particular topic, the reviewer can assign those sections to the person who is – even after the assessment had been submitted by the original respondent.

reassign questions

For more information on customizing your approval workflows, please consult the Assessment Manager User Guide or speak to your account representative.