TRUSTe in Atlas Solutions (by Facebook) System and Partner Directory

TRUSTe Ads Compliance Manager has long been compatible with major ad serving systems in the industry. To make the deployment experience more seamless for our clients, we’ve continued to push for deeper integrations with our valued partners.

Recently, Atlas by Facebook launched a Partner Directory listing TRUSTe under “Verification & Privacy” solutions. TRUSTe is excited to be a part of this list and considered a valued partner of Atlas by Facebook.

If any campaigns are trafficked in the Atlas platform, TRUSTe Ads Compliance customers simply enter three parameters: pid, aid, and cid parameter as shown below to activate the back-end integration TRUSTe has with Atlas. This template allows customers to pull in the TRUSTe tag and append the OBA icon onto campaign creatives in an easy way.

Atlas_TRUSTe Integration

TRUSTe customers can enter macros in the parameters. For example, an ad operations manager can enter campaign macros in the cid param in order to receive granular reporting by campaign. This feature helps our clients verify that all campaigns have the OBA icon appended properly.

If you are an ad server and interested in a deeper integration with TRUSTe, please email hhuange@truste.com. Thank you.