EU Cookie Consent Manager Self-Service Portal

TRUSTe’s Cookie Consent Manager assists clients in complying with the EU Cookie Directive laws in EU countries. TRUSTe is proud to offer both Managed Services and Self-Service options to our clients. TRUSTe’s Managed Services team helps set-up, brand, and generate a customized Cookie Consent Manager from start to finish. A dedicated Account Manager acts as global deployment project manager to help get a proper Notice, Consent, and Control mechanism up and running. Having a dedicated Account manager is nice but TRUSTe also offers a robust Self-Service Portal to manage and update your Cookie Consent Manager.

Below is the Dashboard of TRUSTe portal:

You will have access to the following applications that contain every tool you need to set-up a proper Cookie Consent Manager.

  1. Cookie Consent Configuration: Set-up & update the trackers that are loaded into the Cookie Consent Manager. Your Cookie Consent Manager automatically updates as new trackers are found in your cookie audit crawls utilizing TRUSTe’s Website Monitoring Service.

TRUSTe’s in-house proprietary crawler scans thousands of pages identifying and classifying trackers to provide the recommended categorization of cookies into Required, Functional, and Advertising automatically making it easier to maintain an accurate, up-to-date Cookie Consent Manager.

  1. Consent Manager CMS: Customize the verbiage and HTML/CSS of the Cookie Consent Notice mechanism. Whether it’s a simple logo change or adding an additional link to the Notice frame, TRUSTe allows full flexibility on customizing the look & feel of the Cookie Consent Manager so that it flows seamlessly with your website.

Example of granular CSS a web developer can access if desired:

.pdynamicbutton .submit {
font-size: 10pt;
padding-left: 20px;
color: #FFFFFF;
text-align: center;
background: #627E9D;
text-shadow: none;
border: 1px solid #627E9D;
overflow: hidden;

Set up dynamic browser language detection for locales and sub-locales to ensure appropriate language is displayed to the user automatically.

  1. User Management: Add global team members to the portal and provide access with customized permissions as appropriate for each business unit.
  2.  Consent Manager Summary Report: Run user engagement metrics to monitor the performance of your Cookie Consent Manager.

TRUSTe’s Cookie Consent Manager can be set-up as a banner, button/text, or an express pop-in to comply from the lowest to strictest level of consent in the EU countries.  Cookie Consent Manager is only one of the many integrated solutions to efficiently manage global privacy regulations from one single platform. Discover, Assess, Monitor global compliance regulations and projects from one single platform with integrated technology compliance solutions at your fingertips.

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