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Privacy Risk Assessment for Mobile Applications

Mobile application privacy management is now more important than ever—at least half of Fortune 500 companies have internal mobile applications. But managing mobile application privacy risk goes beyond the applications on your employees’ devices. As companies’ presence, products, and services increasingly shift into the mobile space, mobile privacy is drawing increasing attention—both internally and from …

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A rose by any other name. Part 1

Agile methodologies offer the benefits of sustainable, lightweight, and predictable development culture, allowing the work to be refined by the on-going, quickly turnaround execution format. The real outcome can be more predictable and as a result, the stakeholders gain the flexibility and dynamic understanding of, based on what was built, how to deliver most value …

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Product Prioritization Part 1 of 2: A Prioritization Schema

This is a topic that is near and dear to anyone involved in product development and something that spans across both the Product Management and the Engineering/Product Development side.  What I originally wanted to cover in this post was the issue of internal vs. “external” projects and some things to think about when having to …

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