Privacy Dispute Resolution

Privacy Feedback Powered by TRUSTe

The Privacy Feedback button provides companies a visible way to show their customers they care about their privacy, and let users know about the option to ask questions or provide feedback regarding their privacy practices through TRUSTe’s Dispute Resolution System.

When you see the Privacy Feedback Powered by TRUSTe image on a website or app, it signifies the company operating the website or app uses TRUSTe technology and tools to handle privacy related questions or concerns. The Privacy Feedback Button does not indicate TRUSTe has verified the company’s privacy practices. For a complete list of companies certified by TRUSTe, visit TRUSTe Certified Company Directory.

TRUSTe’s Dispute Resolution System is an online tool that lets you report violations of posted privacy statements and specific privacy issues that pertain to TRUSTe clients. TRUSTe investigates all eligible complaints and mediates solutions between users and clients.

Before you complete the Dispute Resolution Form, please follow these steps:

  • Verify that the complaint is a privacy matter relating to a TRUSTe client
  • Contact the TRUSTe client first

If the company does not resolve your complaint quickly and satisfactorily, TRUSTe will review your complaint to make sure it is eligible and then mediate a solution.

To send feedback or file a complaint, click here to fill out the online dispute resolution form.