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Meet TRUSTe: Ken Okumura, VP Engineering

January 14, 2015

Our latest series will introduce you to a new TRUSTe employee every week to give you an inside look at the talented, knowledgeable and friendly people who work at TRUSTe. 

Name: Ken Okumura 

Job title: VP Engineering

How long have you worked at TRUSTe?: 5 years

Describe your current role, how this role has changed over time and your current projects: I am responsible for managing engineering and operations infrastructure at TRUSTe. I have held this position since I started here. Although my responsibilities have largely remained the same, the scope of my work has grown from evolving our core product and service offerings to building a new set of products and services that still revolve around privacy but due to market demands have steered us to expanding beyond our certification services. Not only has the scope of our business grown in the past 5 years but our human resources reach has extended globally as well. Collaborating with the rest of our engineering team in the Philippines has allowed us to gain efficiencies in development that we would not have otherwise been able to achieve in San Francisco alone.

What do you like most about working here?: I really enjoy exploring new ways to solve problems that haven’t already been solved by others or in ways that others may have not thought about before. It’s really inspiring to see people within the company rallying around an idea and running at full speed to realize it. When others see what you see and are excited to work toward that goal, it becomes contagious. TRUSTe has been fortunate to have a lot of exceptional people who share that passion.

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Meet TRUSTe: Ray Everett, Director of Product Management & Principal Consultant

January 07, 2015

Our latest series will introduce you to a new TRUSTe employee every week to give you an inside look at the talented, knowledgeable and friendly people who work at TRUSTe. 

Name: Ray Everett

Job title: Principal Consultant and Director of Product for Compliance Solutions

How long have you worked at TRUSTe?: 9 months.

What did you do prior to working at TRUSTe? Prior to TRUSTe, I managed advertising and search privacy issues at Yahoo!, and before that was general manager of the privacy monitoring service at Keynote Systems. All told, I have nearly 20 years of privacy experience, including over a decade of privacy-related consulting for more than two dozen Global 2000 corporations and numerous start-up ventures.

Describe your current role and how your career in privacy has changed over time: My interest in privacy began in the mid-1990s when I became involved in an incident that became somewhat legendary in early Internet lore: the infamous “Green Card Spam” wars of 1994 (chronicled here). Those early battles over the appropriate ways to advertise on the Internet sparked my curiosity around how this evolving medium could be used — and abused. While attending law school, I hoped to learn more about privacy, but at that point most privacy law was still very much centered around issues like paparazzi stalking the rich and famous and peeping toms harassing average folk. As I became more deeply involved in law and policy issues around Internet privacy, I was appointed as the first US Corporate Chief Privacy Officer for an early behavioral advertising network called AllAdvantage, where we had to build a complex browser plug-in to enable the kind of targeting and ad delivery capabilities that are intrinsic to today’s basic web experience.

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Meet TRUSTe: Matthew Coleman, Privacy Solutions Manager

December 31, 2014

Our latest series will introduce you to a new TRUSTe employee every week to give you an inside look at the talented, knowledgeable and friendly people who work at TRUSTe. 

Name: Matthew Coleman

Job title: Privacy Solutions Manager, JD, CIPP/US

How long have you worked at TRUSTe?: Since May 2014

Describe your current role, how this has changed over time, and walk us through a typical day: My current role is as a privacy subject matter expert responsible for working with clients on completing their TRUSTe certifications. My clients operate across a wide variety of industries and are of various size and scale.

My role is evolving as companies’ privacy practices are evolving. Formerly, companies would only focus on the privacy implication of major products or their web presence, such as domains, cloud platforms and mobile applications. Since data privacy has become part of the conversation at the executive level, companies are increasingly interested in developing the best privacy practice for every facet of their business. My role now increasingly involves reviewing an entire corporation’s privacy practices.

A typical day for me could consist of a range of projects. I generally make a point to review any news and current events affecting consumer privacy first thing. Otherwise, I could be conducting an investigation of a client’s privacy practices — both the observable and what’s happening behind the scenes. I may also be following up with clients on questions about industry standards, nuanced policy issues, or the status of ongoing projects.

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Meet TRUSTe: Joanne Furtsch, Director of Product Policy

December 24, 2014

Our latest series will introduce you to a new TRUSTe employee every week to give you an inside look at the talented, knowledgeable and friendly people who work at TRUSTe. 


Name: Joanne Furtsch

Job title: Director of Product Policy, CIPP/US, CIPP/C

How long have you worked at TRUSTe?: 15 years. I have the distinction of being TRUSTe’s longest tenured employee.

Describe your current role, how this has changed over time and your current key projects: I started working in privacy before consumers really saw it as an issue, and before it was considered a career. At that time I conducted TRUSTe certification reviews and specialized in working with global companies such as Oracle and IBM. My role at TRUSTe has evolved; now I’m doing a combination of product and policy work. My key responsibilities include developing and managing TRUSTe’s certification standards across all our programs, and developing and building TRUSTe’s content database for the Data Privacy Management Platform.

What do you like most about working here?: Privacy is never boring. I enjoy solving problems and building solutions. Privacy is an interesting topic to me because it’s constantly evolving, meaning there are new problems to solve and to work in privacy means you’re always thinking ahead since technology is becoming more and more apart of our daily lives.

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TRUSTe’s Top Five Webinars of 2014

December 23, 2014

We know privacy compliance can be a complex subject for the vast majority of people. Not only are there many layers to privacy in terms of global compliance and best practices, but privacy law can be a bit, well, dry if not presented well. This year, our knowledgeable and passionate privacy experts at TRUSTe, in addition to our great partners, have been able to shed some light and spark a lot of interest in the growing field of data privacy management.

In 2014 our top five webinars touched on privacy compliance and best practices, the future of privacy and its impact on businesses, and the evolving privacy landscape. If you missed any of these webinars, we provided links below so you can listen in to some of the leading privacy experts discuss this increasingly important topic.


1. “The APEC/BCR Referential and Why It’s Important for Global Privacy Compliance” (March)

A week after the joint announcement by Chairwoman Ramirez of the FTC, along with representatives from the EU’s Article 29 Working Party and the APEC economies, this webinar was held to focused on achieving cooperation among international regulators. Attendees heard from a panel of experts who discussed the latest APEC/BCR Referential announcement and its implications for international businesses. They discussed the introduction of an APEC/ BCR Referential tool would map the requirements for APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPRs) against the EU Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs), which would ultimately help companies adopt data protection policies that are compliant with both the APEC and EU-BCR frameworks.


2. “Forrester & TRUSTe Webinar Series” (May)

This three-part webinar series explored new approaches and the benefits of investing in data privacy management within business. The first webinar titled, “The New Privacy: It’s All About Context” was hosted by TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel who was joined by leading Forrester Research, Inc. senior analyst Fatemah Khatibloo, TRUSTe executives, and privacy professionals from leading brands and publishers. The second in this series titled, “Total Economic Impact” was hosted by TRUSTe’s VP of Marketing Dave Deasy. The third and final webinar was titled, “Privacy Investment Success Stories.” See below for the webinar links.    

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IAPP’s ‘Top 10 Privacy Law Stories of 2014’ — Article by TRUSTe’s Joanne Furtsch

December 19, 2014

The IAPP’s list of “Top 10 Privacy Law Stories of 2014” includes an article by TRUSTe’s Director of Product Joanne Furtsch. The author of the IAPP post, IAPP Knowledge Manager Emily Leach, CIPP, writes, “Privacy + law. Some may see good potential for a snooze fest there, but this year’s top Privacy Tracker stories will surely prove them wrong. From China to California to the EU; starring giant of the leisure industry, the tech industry and global governments, and encompassing battles over personal freedoms and government overreach, these are stories that made sure nobody in privacy could nap on the job.” She continues:

Below, based on click rates, are the year’s most interesting privacy law stories. This may not quite get Barbara Walters-style ratings, but it should. These legislative changes have the power to alter the way billions of people access information—and are surveilled by their governments and their service providers—and may truly shape the modern definition of privacy.

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