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TRUSTe Transforms to TrustArc

June 06, 2017

TrustArc - The New TRUSTe

New Name – New Look – Continued Commitment to Privacy Compliance Innovation Today we changed our name to TrustArc.  Our new name reflects our evolution from a privacy certification company into a global provider of technology powered privacy compliance and risk management solutions.   The name change also coincides with our 20th anniversary of delivering innovative privacy solutions. The TrustArc brand will be used for all corporate communications as well as our technology platform and consulting services.  The TRUSTe brand will continue to be used for our certification offerings, including the certification seal.   While most of the changes have already … Continue reading TRUSTe Transforms to TrustArc

#ChatSTC Twitter Chat: Being #PrivacyAware is Good for Business

January 17, 2017

Data Privacy Day aims to educate and empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data, and enable trust. TED-style talks and interviews will highlight the latest privacy issues for consumers and businesses. This year TRUSTe will be participating in a Twitter chat about how to boost business by respecting consumer data privacy. Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 3 p.m. EST/noon PST. Topic: Consumers are paying closer attention to the value of their personal information and how to manage their privacy. To build trust, businesses must address customers’ preferences, needs and concerns about privacy by being transparent about their collection, … Continue reading #ChatSTC Twitter Chat: Being #PrivacyAware is Good for Business

Industry Leaders Discuss Impact of EU GDPR at ‘EU Data Protection 2015 – Regulation Meets Innovation’

December 09, 2015


Privacy professionals, EU regulatory experts and Silicon Valley business leaders convened on Tuesday, Dec. 8 to discuss the impact of the soon-to-come EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

The all-day event on Tuesday, “EU Data Protection 2015 – Regulation Meets Innovation” featured six breakout sessions, four panel discussions and keynote presentations from Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor and Andrea Glorioso, Counsellor for the Digital Economy, EU Delegation to the U.S.

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IoT Summit Session: ‘Protecting Your Home from IoT Bandits’

June 16, 2015

Leading up to the second annual IoT Privacy Summit on June 17th we’ll be featuring a series of blog posts about the panels and speakers at the upcoming event. It’s finally here! The 2nd Annual IoT Privacy Summit 2015 is this Wednesday in Silicon Valley. We look forward to all the interesting and timely IoT topics that’ll be discussed in the numerous panels, as well as meeting a wide variety of people working in privacy in some capacity. During the past couple weeks we’ve been sharing some details about the panels attendees at the Summit will have the opportunity to … Continue reading IoT Summit Session: ‘Protecting Your Home from IoT Bandits’

Privacy Meetup This Week, Plus Data Privacy Day Events

January 19, 2015

Meetup Event: “Science-Fact: How Modern Scientific Advances Will Impact Individual Privacy”  Privacy and security professionals are invited to attend a Meetup hosted by the Privacy & Technology Group (sponsored by TRUSTe) on Thursday, Jan. 22 from 6-8 p.m. From 6-6:30 there will be networking and refreshments, then from 6:30-7:30 p.m. two guest speakers will discuss the topic of the evening – “How modern scientific advances will impact individual privacy.” Speakers are Stephen Wu, Of Counsel at Silicon Valley Law Group, and Steven Teppler, Attorney at Abbott Law Group, P.A. The event will be held at the TRUSTe office located at … Continue reading Privacy Meetup This Week, Plus Data Privacy Day Events

Meet TRUSTe: Ken Okumura, VP Engineering

January 14, 2015

Our latest series will introduce you to a new TRUSTe employee every week to give you an inside look at the talented, knowledgeable and friendly people who work at TRUSTe. 

Name: Ken Okumura 

Job title: VP Engineering

How long have you worked at TRUSTe?: 5 years

Describe your current role, how this role has changed over time and your current projects: I am responsible for managing engineering and operations infrastructure at TRUSTe. I have held this position since I started here. Although my responsibilities have largely remained the same, the scope of my work has grown from evolving our core product and service offerings to building a new set of products and services that still revolve around privacy but due to market demands have steered us to expanding beyond our certification services. Not only has the scope of our business grown in the past 5 years but our human resources reach has extended globally as well. Collaborating with the rest of our engineering team in the Philippines has allowed us to gain efficiencies in development that we would not have otherwise been able to achieve in San Francisco alone.

What do you like most about working here?: I really enjoy exploring new ways to solve problems that haven’t already been solved by others or in ways that others may have not thought about before. It’s really inspiring to see people within the company rallying around an idea and running at full speed to realize it. When others see what you see and are excited to work toward that goal, it becomes contagious. TRUSTe has been fortunate to have a lot of exceptional people who share that passion.

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