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TRUSTe Hits the Event Trail this Holiday Season

December 02, 2013

— Dec 3 APPNATION V San Francisco, CA TRUSTe will be speaking APPNATION focuses on the business side of the App Revolution and attracts not only developers, but also leaders from carriers, platform developers, media, government and commerce. Join TRUSTe’s Richard Qui, VP of Business Development, for a workshop presented by MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce, on building trust in mobile apps (Tuesday, 12/3 at 11:00am in the main breakout room). Learn about new legislation in the US and across Europe and what it means for developers. Find out how to ensure your business can monetize … Continue reading TRUSTe Hits the Event Trail this Holiday Season

November Privacy Events and Webinars

November 05, 2013

Online & data privacy events & webinars in November across US & UK.

— Nov 5
Webinar (recording): What is the Future of the Safe Harbor Framework?
Hosted by TRUSTe

Caitlin Fennessy of the Department of Commerce’s Data Flows and Privacy Team of the Office of Digital Services Industries, and Saira Nayak, TRUSTe’s Director of Policy, discuss the future of the Safe Harbor Agreement – in light of recent proposals to amend the EU’s data protection laws, as well as ongoing revelations about the United States’ data surveillance programs.


— Nov 11-13
Ignition – Future of Digital
New York, NY

700 senior executives from the worlds of technology, media, entertainment, investing, finance, and the Internet come together to explore the emerging business models of digital media.  Join Richard Qiu, VP Business Development at TRUSTe, to discuss the innovation that matters, who will win, and what you can do to keep ahead. The conference is produced by Business Insider, one of the fastest-growing digital-media companies in the world, and hosted by Henry Blodget, Business Insider’s Editor-in-Chief and CEO.

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TRUSTe Powering Trust Roadshow Connects Key Players in Privacy-tech Ecosystem

October 24, 2013

Dave Deasy VP Marketing | TRUSTe

TRUSTe- powering trust in data economy

TRUSTe joined forces with key industry partners in the emerging privacy-tech ecosystem for the 2013 ‘Powering Trust’ Roadshow Series. The series kicked off in San Francisco in September with rave reviews from guest speakers and delegates then continued onto New York City in early October at the hip and trendy Ace Hotel. Read more “TRUSTe Powering Trust Roadshow Connects Key Players in Privacy-tech Ecosystem”

TRUSTe Heads to IAPP Privacy Academy to Discuss the Smart Grid Ecosystem

September 25, 2013

With the 2013 IAPP Privacy Academy just around the corner, TRUSTe is excited to participate and engage in discussions about privacy and emerging developments in the industry. Stop by the TRUSTe booth (#9) to learn more about how our data privacy management platform can help your business address privacy challenges today.

Don’t miss TRUSTe’s Director of Product Policy, Joanne Furtsch, as she joins Co-chair and Director of Future of Privacy Forum, Jules Polonetsky and Director of Information Governance of Xcel Energy, Megan Hertzler, to lead a breakout session on emerging trends and technologies called, “Smarter Approaches to the Smart Grid Ecosystem.”  Read more “TRUSTe Heads to IAPP Privacy Academy to Discuss the Smart Grid Ecosystem”

BrightTag Hits the Road with TRUSTe

September 18, 2013

Blane Sims @BrightTag Given how quickly the world of online marketing changes, businesses and brands need help understanding how their technology partners fit into the evolving conversations surrounding privacy, data security and customer trust. At BrightTag, our mission-critical role in powering data-driven marketing globally for more than 1,000 brands has given us a unique view of the governance challenges that many organizations face as they embrace connected consumer experiences. In 2012, we formed a strategic partnership with TRUSTe because we believe that consumer transparency and choice start with knowing how data is collected and making effective decisions as a business … Continue reading BrightTag Hits the Road with TRUSTe