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TrustArcConnect Partner Program Expands

June 12, 2018

The GDPR compliance deadline has passed, but the real work has just begun: managing and demonstrating compliance. These obligations have created a huge demand for privacy technology and services. The increased reliance on technology has also led to IT and Information Security teams and MSSP’s playing a larger role in managing privacy at companies of all sizes. To help meet this demand, TrustArc has expanded its global partner program, TrustArcConnect, and created a major opportunity for partners with expertise in GDPR and privacy to capitalize on the post-GDPR ‘enforcement’ era. The program expansion will help more organizations obtain access to … Continue reading TrustArcConnect Partner Program Expands

TrustArc Partners with Alibaba Cloud

July 25, 2017

We announced our newest partnership with Alibaba Cloud (the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group) at the IAPP Asia Privacy Forum 2017. As data privacy increases in importance for organizations of all sizes and maturity in Asia, TrustArc saw an opportunity to partner with one of the fastest-growing cloud computing companies in the world. Both TrustArc and Alibaba Cloud believe that as organizations continue to provide excellent experiences for their customers by collecting personal data, keeping up with evolving regulations and protecting data privacy is key. Scaling a privacy program requires using a combination of privacy expertise and technology. This strategic … Continue reading TrustArc Partners with Alibaba Cloud