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The State of Privacy on Social Networks

April 29, 2013

MDG Advertising recently released a comprehensive infographic on “The Sad State of Social Media Privacy” providing an overview of privacy and social media based upon research from American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research, Anonymizer, Harris Interactive, MSNBC and The Ponemon Institute. This infographic outlines data related to the issue of Trust/Distrust online amongst social media users, the general opinion about that confidence online in comparison to six years ago and the conclusions that consumers drew from their experiences.

To begin with, MDG looks at the users of social media and their attitudes towards the channels they use; 2 out of 3 active online users do not trust the sites that they are engaging with online. MDG includes some statistics that could be the cause of this distrust; 1 in 2 consumers have suffered between 4 and 10 online breaches of privacy in the last two years. Also, 68% of 158.9 million US Facebook users do not understand the site’s privacy settings and 61% are not clear on whether the information they share is being sold to advertisers. Read more “The State of Privacy on Social Networks”