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Tips to Securing a Privacy Budget

December 11, 2019

Privacy is historically underfunded when it comes to company budgets, even as “data privacy” has become a popular topic. Some stakeholders view regulations, like the GDPR or CCPA, as a one-time, check-the-box project, and therefore fail to fund appropriately. However, those handling privacy management on a day-to-day basis know this is not the case when dealing with numerous complex privacy regulations. Privacy compliance is an ongoing adventure and cannot be approached like a task that will be crossed off the list once compliance has been reached. Developing a mature privacy program is crucial to ongoing risk management and compliance. So … Continue reading Tips to Securing a Privacy Budget

New Tool Determines Risk and Remediation Plans Across your Business

December 10, 2019

An influx of personal data collected by businesses puts businesses in a vulnerable situation. Lack of proper management of this data could result in fines if businesses are not measuring risk and establishing controls to mitigate potential risk. Furthermore, customers demand that their personal data be respected and managed with care. That’s why TrustArc built the Risk Profile.  Powered by the TrustArc Intelligence Engine, the Risk Profile automatically scores inherent and residual risk of various business activities. Privacy managers and business unit leaders can now access the risk information they need to know, when they need it, and in the … Continue reading New Tool Determines Risk and Remediation Plans Across your Business