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Privacy MeetUp Group to Host Holiday Happy Hour

December 01, 2015

Calling all Privacy Innovators and Technologists! TRUSTe is sponsoring the Holiday Happy Hour for the PI&T group on Dec. 3rd with drinks, snacks and special raffle prizes. Don’t miss out on the fun! To thank its members, PI&T is hosting an end-of-year celebration. Join PI&T at TRUSTe’s HQ for a special Holiday Happy Hour. All are welcome — whether you’re interested in learning more about the PI&T group and who’s lined up to speak in 2016, or you would just want to make merry with your colleagues and friends. Please be prepared to select an Ice Breaker Topic upon arrival. … Continue reading Privacy MeetUp Group to Host Holiday Happy Hour

What the CISO Needs to Know About Data Privacy (Webinar Recap)

October 16, 2015

In today’s webinar, “Top 5 Things the CISO Needs to Know About Data Privacy,” Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, Heidi Shey shared research on privacy in organizations with TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel. Below are a few excerpts from the webinar: “Privacy is one of those organizational functions that’s still emerging for many enterprises today,” Heidi said. “There are different ways that people are trying to bring these capabilities into the company and put people in charge of privacy and that creates some challenges as well as opportunities depending on how the privacy organization is structured.” Heidi identified types of privacy … Continue reading What the CISO Needs to Know About Data Privacy (Webinar Recap)

Privacy Insight Series Webinar Covers Building an Effective Privacy Program

September 24, 2015

TRUSTe’s most recent webinar in the Privacy Insight Series titled, “Building an Effective Privacy Program — Six Practical Steps” covered the process to build a privacy program while mitigating risk and keeping privacy best practices top-of-mind. Speakers were Beth Sipula, CIPP/US, Senior Consultant at TRUSTe, and Paola Zeni, Director, Global Privacy, Ethics and Compliance at Symantec Corporation. This was the third webinar in our Fall/Winter Privacy Insight Series. The series consists of webinars with top privacy experts who discuss the major privacy issues of today. Watch this clip to get an idea of this webinar’s content. Download the full webinar here. Join us on Oct. 15 for … Continue reading Privacy Insight Series Webinar Covers Building an Effective Privacy Program

September Spotlight: Live Demos, Privacy Webinars, IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2015

September 01, 2015


September 10, 10-10:30 a.m., PDT

Live Demo: Ads Privacy Compliance Technology

Enforcement of DAA principles on interest-based advertising over desktop has been in force for a while now, but mobile enforcement starts Sept. 1. If you leverage interest-based advertising, you’ll need to have the following in place for both desktop and mobile environments across all devices. Learn more about mobile ad compliance in this live demo webinar.

Register here.


September 14- 16

Information Governance Exchange


TRUSTe is solution provider at this two-day event that attracts senior executives working in data privacy, governance and related fields. Attendees will connect with their peers and have the opportunity to attend numerous strategic information sharing sessions, one-to-one meetings and discussions.

Request an invitation here.


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Obama Addresses Privacy, Security at SOTU Address

January 22, 2015

By Alexandra Vesalga, Esq., Regulatory Intelligence Analyst, TRUSTe In this week’s State of the Union Address, the president remarked on several privacy and cybersecurity initiatives in the works, including a proposed federal data breach law, a renewed proposal for a consumer privacy bill of rights and a student data privacy bill. Privacy was expected to be a central topic in the address based on the president’s comments last week at the Federal Trade Commission, but comments on privacy were fleeting. All things considered, any nod to privacy — a once fringe (still sometimes fringe) topic — is notable. The president’s … Continue reading Obama Addresses Privacy, Security at SOTU Address

Online Privacy Crackdown Beyond the EU to Brazil

January 09, 2015

By Kris Vann, J.D., Senior Product Marketing Manager at TRUSTe 

Historically, the EU has been the darling of data protection initiatives. This past year, however, the crackdown went well beyond the EU to growing economic areas such as Brazil.

Less than a month after the new “Marco Civil da Internet” went into effect on June 23, 2014, Brazilian regulators announced its first penalty by fining the telecom provider Oi a respectable 3.5 million reais ($1.59 million). Regulators alleged that Oi failed to notify Internet users that their browsing activities would be tracked and sold to third parties for use in behavioral advertisements.

This was a strong warning to multinational companies doing business in the rapidly growing Brazilian economy that the country’s regulators would take swift action to ensure compliance with its new Internet law.

Under the new Brazilian law, a website operator or company must obtain a Brazilian citizen’s express consent before the collection and use of their personal data. In addition, the terms and conditions of a website or application regarding the collection, use, storage and processing of personal data must be clearly stated in a manner easily identifiable by the respective user in the applicable agreement or terms of use.

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