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Meet TRUSTe: Joanne Furtsch, Director of Product Policy

December 24, 2014

Our latest series will introduce you to a new TRUSTe employee every week to give you an inside look at the talented, knowledgeable and friendly people who work at TRUSTe. 


Name: Joanne Furtsch

Job title: Director of Product Policy, CIPP/US, CIPP/C

How long have you worked at TRUSTe?: 15 years. I have the distinction of being TRUSTe’s longest tenured employee.

Describe your current role, how this has changed over time and your current key projects: I started working in privacy before consumers really saw it as an issue, and before it was considered a career. At that time I conducted TRUSTe certification reviews and specialized in working with global companies such as Oracle and IBM. My role at TRUSTe has evolved; now I’m doing a combination of product and policy work. My key responsibilities include developing and managing TRUSTe’s certification standards across all our programs, and developing and building TRUSTe’s content database for the Data Privacy Management Platform.

What do you like most about working here?: Privacy is never boring. I enjoy solving problems and building solutions. Privacy is an interesting topic to me because it’s constantly evolving, meaning there are new problems to solve and to work in privacy means you’re always thinking ahead since technology is becoming more and more apart of our daily lives.

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IAPP’s ‘Top 10 Privacy Law Stories of 2014’ — Article by TRUSTe’s Joanne Furtsch

December 19, 2014

The IAPP’s list of “Top 10 Privacy Law Stories of 2014” includes an article by TRUSTe’s Director of Product Joanne Furtsch. The author of the IAPP post, IAPP Knowledge Manager Emily Leach, CIPP, writes, “Privacy + law. Some may see good potential for a snooze fest there, but this year’s top Privacy Tracker stories will surely prove them wrong. From China to California to the EU; starring giant of the leisure industry, the tech industry and global governments, and encompassing battles over personal freedoms and government overreach, these are stories that made sure nobody in privacy could nap on the job.” She continues:

Below, based on click rates, are the year’s most interesting privacy law stories. This may not quite get Barbara Walters-style ratings, but it should. These legislative changes have the power to alter the way billions of people access information—and are surveilled by their governments and their service providers—and may truly shape the modern definition of privacy.

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What Should Mobile App Privacy Policies Look Like?

October 24, 2011

Joanne Furtsch, CIPP, CIPP/C Policy & Product Architect @privacygeek Last week, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released its Mobile ApplicationPrivacy Policy Framework for mobile app developers.  TRUSTe was among the companies that actively participated in crafting this framework. The document provides model disclosures addressing core components that must be in a privacy policy:  what data is collected, how it is collected, and how it is used (or shared).  The framework also highlights the importance of controls that need to be available to users of mobile apps, such as the ability to request access to collected data. In addition to providing … Continue reading What Should Mobile App Privacy Policies Look Like?