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ePrivacy (EU Cookie) Directive Update

January 18, 2017

On January 10, 2017, the European Commission released a proposed Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications (the “ePrivacy Regulation”) to replace the ePrivacy Directive (the “EU Cookie Directive”) to better align with the newly adopted EU General Data Protection Regulation and its Digital Single Market Strategy. Over the past 18 months, the European Commision reviewed the ePrivacy Directive by conducting evaluations, consultations, and an impact assessment. The results informed the proposed Regulation. TRUSTe has followed enforcement of the ePrivacy Directive (“EU Cookie Directive”) in both rounds of compliance inspections. As noted in this advisory, one of the big changes in … Continue reading ePrivacy (EU Cookie) Directive Update

Round II of EU Cookie Compliance Inspections

October 12, 2016

By Helen Huang, Senior Product Manager In September 2014, the French Data Protection Authority, CNIL conducted a “cookie sweep” to review compliance with the EU Cookie Directive and published a combined analysis from 8 DPAs, including the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK. The “cookie sweep” involved the CNIL conducting onsite and remote inspections to evaluate compliance with the latest EU cookie standards. The 2014 cookie sweep findings showed that many companies’ websites did not comply because insufficient notice and valid consent were being given to and/or sought from visitors. Many websites subsequently put in place compliance solutions … Continue reading Round II of EU Cookie Compliance Inspections

Google AdSense Policy Now Requires Publishers to Obtain Consent from EU Visitors

July 29, 2015

Consent from EU Visitors for Google Adsense Publishers.

This week Google announced it will be implementing a new user consent policy. Essentially, this new policy requires all websites serving EU visitors, including those not based in the EU, to comply with the EU Cookie Directive. Google posted the notice on its official AdSense blog.

In 2009 an amendment to an existing EU directive (the so-called Cookie Directive) introduced a requirement that companies provide “clear and comprehensive information” to users about the types of tracking technologies used on websites, including a way for users to “consent” to any cookies which are not “strictly necessary” for the delivery of an online service. The majority of EU Member States have now adopted their own Cookie Laws implementing the requirements of the Cookie Directive.

Here’s what AdSense has to say about this new policy:

Why are we doing this?

European Union data protection authorities requested some changes to current practices for obtaining end user consents. It has always been Google’s policy to comply with privacy laws, so we’ve agreed to make certain changes affecting our own products and partners using Google products.

What do you need to do?

If your websites are getting visitors from any of the countries in the European Union, you must comply with the EU user consent policy. We recommend you start working on a policy-compliant user consent mechanism today. There’s guidance from data protection authorities and IABs across Europe on what is required to comply with relevant laws; the IAB’s IAB Europe Guidance: Five Practical Steps to help companies comply with the E-Privacy Directive is a good place to start.

Read more “Google AdSense Policy Now Requires Publishers to Obtain Consent from EU Visitors”

TRUSTe Helps IDG UK Earn The Trust Of Their Users And Deliver Best Practice In The Marketplace

July 08, 2013

IDG UK is the UK’s leading technology media company. Its brands span the tech media landscape across the enterprise, SMB and consumer sectors, making IDG UK the primary and most trusted reference source for technology news and trends in the UK. The company is part of IDG global, the world’s leading technology media, events and research company.

In early 2012, like every website owner in the UK, IDG UK faced the challenge of achieving compliance with the ‘Cookie Directive,’ which requires companies to obtain informed consent before placing tracking technologies on a consumer’s computer or mobile device.

A major online operator with eight web properties serving over 30 million ad impressions monthly, IDG UK decided not just to comply by the May 26th deadline, but to deliver best practices in the marketplace.

Dawn Briddon, IDG UK’s Chief Marketing Officer, said:

“TRUSTe clearly stood out from the crowd as the best partner, for several reasons. It was clear from the start that they didn’t see themselves as just a solutions provider but also a privacy consultant who was there to help us as a business identify the best privacy strategy and approach.”
“Their intricate knowledge of privacy legislation and the fact that they were in dialogue directly with the regulators such as the ICO [Information Commissioners Office] gave me a confidence, I hadn’t had up to that point, that we had found exactly the right approach.”

“TRUSTe’s Website Monitoring Service ensures we are identifying and disclosing dynamically all of the cookies operating on our sites. In addition, this service gives us a thorough insight as to who is dropping what cookies on our site and the control to identify anything that we aren’t happy with.”

“The TRUSTed Consent Manager provides users with full control and visibility on how their data is being used at any given time, and they can manage their preferences in exactly the way they want. It is a really user friendly tool and provides a lot of transparency about what we’re doing.” Read more “TRUSTe Helps IDG UK Earn The Trust Of Their Users And Deliver Best Practice In The Marketplace”

Catch Us If You Can – April 2013

April 08, 2013

Melissa Pereira

Director of Corporate Communications | TRUSTe


TRUSTe's exibition as part of the Ad:tech tradeshow.

———April 9 -10

We kick-off April at Ad:Tech in San Francisco’s Moscone Center West. Stop by TRUSTe’s booth, #2215 to meet the TRUSTe team and learn more about how we’re providing leading privacy management solutions to the advertising ecosystem.

Catch a live demo of the TRUSTe Website Tracker Monitoring Service, an innovative monitoring product, which helps customers get detailed insight on the tracking technologies (such as cookies, flash cookies, pixels, web beacons and scripts) on their websites or ads. Receive a free scan report of your domain and learn how this product offers clients fully customizable scans, website performance analysis and immediate tracker alerting to name a few.

To celebrate our exciting new partnership during #Ad:tech SF, we’ll be hosting an invite only networking party with Nexage on Tuesday from 7-10pm at John Colins, San Francisco.

Join TRUSTe on Wednesday, April 10 at the Future of Privacy+Innovation event TRUSTe VP of Product Kevin Trilli will speak at the this UC Hastings Privacy and Technology Project event with Keynote Speaker Kamala D. Harris, California Attorney General at the Runway Workspace, San Francisco. Read more “Catch Us If You Can – April 2013”

Six Practical Privacy Steps to Win the Trust of EU Consumers

January 21, 2013

Danilo Labovic
EU Managing Director | TRUSTe

Source: TRUSTe November 2012

In our data-driven world, it is vital that businesses know how to win and maintain consumer trust online. In the EU this can sometimes seem even more complicated because of the increasing complexity of privacy regulations and the different approaches to implementation across 27 Member States.

With the introduction of the EU Cookie Directive and the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation, there have been concerted efforts by regulators to set common standards for data privacy across the EU. But as anyone doing business in the EU should be aware, there are still markedly different approaches to compliance and consumer attitudes across key EU markets.

Based on our comprehensive research and analysis, here are six practical privacy steps you can take to win the trust of EU consumers:


  1. Audit the tracking activity on your website

You’ve worked hard to bring engaged visitors to your website, but chances are you’re not the only one greeting them when they arrive. Most websites today have invisible third-party trackers that collect data about site visitors. In order to comply with the EU Cookie Directive, and provide transparency and choice for customers, you must first have a thorough understanding and awareness of the trackers that are on your site. Read more “Six Practical Privacy Steps to Win the Trust of EU Consumers”