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Make Data Privacy & Security Your New Year’s Resolution

January 09, 2014

Heather M. Federman
Director of Public Policy, Online Trust Alliance

Make data privacy & security your 2014 resolution 

Join TRUSTe at the OTA’s Data Privacy Day Town Halls in NYC, Seattle and San Francisco & Save 20%

It’s no longer an “if” your company will become the target of a data breach; it’s just a matter of “when.”  From small nonprofits to Fortune 500 tech-savvy organizations, breaches and data loss incidents are becoming an unfortunate rite of passage. More and more businesses have found themselves exposed and ill prepared to manage the fallout.  In addition to the confusing (and conflicting) regulatory landscape, breaches can be quite expensive, with the average cost equaling $5.5 million. And while innovative defenses against privacy and security threats are introduced with each passing year, cybercriminals outpace those innovations with new and more malicious tactics.

As online trust is on the decline, 2014 needs to be the year of “Data & Privacy Stewardship.” This requires moving from minimal compliance to enhancing the protection of your company, your data and your customers. In order to do so, consider the following New Year “data resolutions”: Read more “Make Data Privacy & Security Your New Year’s Resolution”

TRUSTe Starts the Year off Right with Data Privacy Week, CPDP, OTA and more

January 06, 2014

TRUSTe starts 2014 with events on Data privacy day, IAPP privacy, data privacy trends in 2014

— Jan 17
The New Frontiers of Privacy Harm
Boulder, CO
TRUSTe is speaking

Join Fran Maier, Founder and Chair of Board, TRUSTe, at the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship on Friday, January 17, 2014, for a panel on Commercial Tracking. Thought leaders and top practitioners and regulators venture into the New Frontiers of Privacy Harm to answers questions including: What harms are privacy laws designed to prevent? How are people injured when corporations, governments, or other individuals collect, disclose, or use information about them in ways that defy expectations, prior agreements, formal rules, or settled norms? How has technology changed the nature of privacy harm?

Read more “TRUSTe Starts the Year off Right with Data Privacy Week, CPDP, OTA and more”

Data Privacy Day 2013 Events

January 24, 2013

January 28th is International Data Privacy Day (#DPD2013 on Twitter) and, in its celebration, we are participating in several events next week.

———January 28th
We kick off the week with IAPP Privacy After Hours. There’s no agenda, just show up at Jillian’s in San Francisco, from 5:00-7:00 PM. Have a good time and get to know other local privacy professionals.

———January 29-30
Next up, in conjunction with the  San Francisco  Mobile Marketing  Association (MMA) Forum,   TRUSTe Director of Product Policy, Joanne Furtsch will host the MMA Privacy Committee meeting.  The MMA Forum is a two-day event that will inform visitors on how to effectively infuse mobile into a brand’s broader marketing strategy.

———January 30
TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel will participate  in  interactive panel  discussion at the Seattle OTA Data Privacy Day Town Hall. Panel speakers include leaders in public policy, privacy, consumer protection and cybercrime law enforcement. The panel will cover innovation in privacy and impact on business.
Later in the week, stay turned for some exciting news at the San Diego DistribuTECH Conference, the energy industry’s leading smart grid conference and exposition. Read more “Data Privacy Day 2013 Events”

Every Day Should Be Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2009

“The more of our lives that we put online, the less privacy we have,” says Erick Schonfeld in his TechCrunch blog, posted today. In an increasingly networked world, where social networking, behavioral targeting, and information sharing online have all become commonplace, consumer privacy has come under siege. With the online world changing rapidly, consumers are beginning to feel that they don’t have control over their personal information. Today is the nationally recognized Data Privacy Day, a day dedicated to spreading awareness about data privacy practices, problems, and rights. One of the primary audiences is U.S. teens who have grown up … Continue reading Every Day Should Be Data Privacy Day