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Can You Legally do Analytics Under the GDPR?

July 17, 2017

by Gary LaFever, CEO of Anonos Taking the “personal” out of Personal Data® Many companies aren’t yet aware that they are or will be doing anything wrong processing analytics or using historical data bases under the GDPR. While many companies are understandably focused on conducting data inventories and data protection impact assessments, it is critical to note that inventories and assessments will not support new legal bases required under the GDPR for processing data analytics or for using historical databases involving EU personal data. An important aspect of the GDPR is the new requirement that “consent” must be specific and … Continue reading Can You Legally do Analytics Under the GDPR?

Meet the Leading Players in the Privacy Ecosystem: David Longford, CEO, DataGuidance

September 30, 2015


Over a hundred organizations are responsible for shaping the future of data privacy. In this new series we’ll profile some of the organizations that are helping to shape the massive privacy ecosystem through the eyes of the professionals that work there and learn more about their perspectives on privacy.  


What is your organization’s role in the privacy ecosystem?

DataGuidance is a hub of data privacy intelligence, sourced from the world’s most renowned experts in 170+ countries. Our role in the privacy ecosystem is to be the global centre for information on privacy, whether it’s giving access to relevant laws, local ‘best-practice’ or allowing people to compare requirements in multiple jurisdictions.


What key goals/issues is your organization focused on tackling?

The primary goal is giving first-class support to privacy teams, which we know can be hugely diverse. They need the best information possible, so it is a huge responsibility. We talk to the privacy community all the time, so that we can deliver information and innovative tools that help people solve the day-to-day issues they face.

We’ve been hearing a lot from our clients regarding the practical difficulties they’ve been facing with regards to employee monitoring. As a result, we did a lot work around this and developed a specific tool to help privacy pros understand the legal requirements they are faced with. It’s an issue that touches a nerve with everyone, as there are so many valid and complex needs to satisfy from each stakeholder. For me, it’s an issue that embodies privacy’s importance to businesses, societies and citizens, so it’s crucial we all get it right.

Aside from that, probably the biggest on the horizon is the GDPR, how organisations can compare EU and global requirements; we’ve got lots of very exciting plans for that. In addition, we continually see issues surrounding data transfers, breach notification, direct marketing, data retention and consent; the list goes on!


How have your organization’s goals/focus changed over the years to address evolving technologies or challenges?

We’re living through an incredible period, in terms of how technology is changing the world. One major consequence of technological change that I’ve noticed over the last few years is how businesses speak about customer experience. Like the best internet companies, we put a huge focus on making sure people get value every time they login to DataGuidance.

Technology is constantly driving up expectations; the fact that people have 24/7 access to apps with fantastic functionality mean that our own product needs to constantly evolve. In short, today’s privacy professionals expect to quickly find valuable information that helps them do their job better.

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October Events: Privacy Around the Globe

October 01, 2013

— Oct 1
The European Big Data Conference
Brussels, Belgium 

The European Big Data Conference brings together key policy makers and stakeholders for an interactive discussion on the steps that need to be taken as we move towards a data-driven economy for Europe, and ultimately look to ensure that Europe is at the forefront of the global ‘data revolution’.


— Oct 4
AdMonsters OPS
New York, NY 

OPS NY focuses on companies that are not simply reacting but seizing the opportunity to lead the way in digital. Topics to be discussed include the evolution of agency trading desks, programmatic premium, data as a currency, mobile tracking, multi-platform digital video strategy, transforming role of social and more.

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