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Building Confidence in Today’s Online Advertising

June 22, 2009

TRUSTe’s Approach to Behavioral Advertising Last week’s Commerce Committee hearings on Behavioral Advertising underscored consumer discomfort, the efforts that companies and groups are implementing to improve consumer confidence, and the gap that legislators are trying to close. As TRUSTe sealholders know, they have long been required to provide users with details of how cookies and other tracking technologies are used on their sites in their privacy policies. We have polled users about their opinions and expectations around Behavioral Advertising. In January, we provided a detailed guide intended to help companies better understand the technologies and business models involved and to … Continue reading Building Confidence in Today’s Online Advertising

‘Do unto others how you’d want them to do unto you’

October 01, 2008

You may be a small business, but chances are you collect some form of PII. Even small businesses are accountable for the safety of user PII, and thereby must take adequate measures to protect it. Lead editor Monte Enbysk gathered TRUSTe’s insight to help develop 6 privacy tips for small businesses: 1. Take inventory of the personal information you collect and store. 2. Analyze how safely you use and store this data. 3. Make sure you’re complying with industry or federal laws. 4. Post a privacy policy that is clear and comprehensive. 5. Have your policy reviewed by an … Continue reading ‘Do unto others how you’d want them to do unto you’