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Going for Olympic Gold Data Practices in Latin America

June 28, 2016

Latin America is in the summer spotlight with the hosting of the International Olympic Games in Brazil and the 100th anniversary of the Copa América futbol tournament, making this a timely moment to take stock of where data privacy regimes stand in Latin America. Powered by new education initiatives and increased investment in telecom network infrastructure, Internet usage in Latin America is burgeoning. Public-private partnerships, evolving finance laws, and an explosion in mobile broadband adoption has led to an environment in which, since 2008, Internet usage has more than doubled. Observers estimate that sixty percent of Latin Americans will have … Continue reading Going for Olympic Gold Data Practices in Latin America

TRUSTe Named First Accountability Agent for APEC Cross Border Privacy

June 28, 2013

This week, TRUSTe announced that it is the first approved Accountability Agent for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) System. The primary goal of APEC is to support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. The APEC CBPR System is a self-regulatory initiative that addresses cross border data flows between the United States and other APEC Member Economies, through voluntary and enforceable codes of conduct adopted by participating businesses.

The APEC CBPR system is the first framework approved for the transfer of personal data between all 21 APEC Member Countries. The United States is the first formal participant in the CBPR system, and the Federal Trade Commission is the system’s first enforcement authority.

U.S. Acting Secretary of Commerce Cameron Kerry congratulated TRUSTe on becoming the first accountability agent to be endorsed to participate in the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules system.

“This is a critical first step in implementing a groundbreaking new system which will facilitate data flows and support trade throughout the APEC region,” said Kerry. “It also represents a concrete example of how we are implementing the Administration’s Privacy Blueprint to further interoperability of privacy frameworks all over the world. We look forward to seeing more accountability agents join the APEC CBPR system, and to realizing fully all the benefits that this initiative will bring in the near future.”

The Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG) is responsible for data protection issues, including the CBPR framework. Read more “TRUSTe Named First Accountability Agent for APEC Cross Border Privacy”