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TrustArcConnect Partner Program Expands

June 12, 2018


The GDPR compliance deadline has passed, but the real work has just begun: managing and demonstrating compliance. These obligations have created a huge demand for privacy technology and services. The increased reliance on technology has also led to IT and Information Security teams and MSSP’s playing a larger role in managing privacy at companies of all sizes.

To help meet this demand, TrustArc has expanded its global partner program, TrustArcConnect, and created a major opportunity for partners with expertise in GDPR and privacy to capitalize on the post-GDPR ‘enforcement’ era.

The program expansion will help more organizations obtain access to the TrustArc Platform – which can help compliance activities become far more efficient and scalable. The platform, which includes solutions to manage data mapping, risk assessments, website tracker scanning, consent management and much more, is designed to support virtually every privacy use case and provides a proven and compelling addition to existing channel partner solution portfolios.

This expansion is another addition to the TrustArc solutions portfolio that has been built over the past 20+ years, providing innovative compliance solutions to thousands of organizations around the world; and part of the purpose-built privacy platform that has been refined over the past 7 years.

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