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IAPP & TrustArc Help Companies Address GDPR Training Requirements

May 29, 2018

IAPP GDPR Essentials

TrustArc will now offer the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Privacy Core® GDPR Essentials training, an online e-learning solution designed to train employees on privacy fundamentals and to enable companies to meet the GDPR employee training requirement in a scalable, effective manner. Investing in training can help meet GDPR requirements, and it is a best practice too.

This training course helps fulfill at least two GDPR Articles’ requirements that explicitly call out training, Article 39 and Article 47. Additionally, all staff can benefit from learning about data protection. Thus, it is no surprise that IAPP & TrustArc research found that the number one way companies can mitigate GDPR compliance risk is investment in training. Training employees on data protection and privacy tops the list for 10 of 11 GDPR compliance risks.


IAPP & TrustArc GDPR Training

The course is an interactive, content-rich course, designed to train employees who handle data in the essentials of privacy, and drive privacy awareness within organizations. It is a privacy training tool developed by experts in privacy.

Delivered through an e-learning system to allow for easy access, efficient administration and ongoing auditing, GDPR Essentials complements other capabilities available through the TrustArc Platform, including creating data flow maps, completing DPIAs and PIAs, managing cookie consent, and responding to individual rights requests. The training is available in the following languages: British English, French, German, Italian, and Universal Spanish.

Each course is approximately 30 minutes in length: This course is approximately one hour long, and includes two modules: Data Protection Essentials and GDPR – A Practical Overview. The Data Protection Essentials module is an introductory unit that provides learners with the foundation they need to understand data protection concepts, including: what personal data is, the data lifecycle and what data protection is and why it is important to organizations that handle personal data. The GDPR – A Practical Overview module will help mid-level employees to better explain and enforce the policies and procedures put into place by your organization, as well as to identify potential issues in data processing that should be addressed.


TrustArc GDPR Training

In addition to the GDPR Essentials online training, TrustArc also provides an interactive, on-site GDPR workshop. The workshop is tailored to your Company’s specific needs and provides key stakeholders with an opportunity to understand more about key GDPR compliance requirements, the Company’s current privacy posture and recommended roadmap actions.

Whatever your training needs, we have options to help you meet GDPR Articles 39 and 47. To learn more, contact us today.