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TrustArc presents at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2017

November 07, 2017

We will be at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2017. Hilary Wandall, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPMGeneral Counsel and Chief Data Governance Officer, TrustArc and Sam Pfeifle, Content Director, IAPP will be discussing new research on the panel “What’s the Risk of Not Complying with the GDPR?”

According to the recently released IAPP-EY Privacy Governance Report, over 400 respondents and roughly six in 10 organizations report they will not be in full compliance with the GDPR when it comes into force. How then are organizations prioritizing? Based on risk. It’s a risk-based framework, after all. No one wants to be outside the norm, however, so the IAPP and TrustArc engaged in some research to benchmark just how organizations are estimating the riskiness of not complying with certain pieces of the regulation. Further, researchers asked organizations what they are doing to mitigate that compliance risk. This session explores the data and offers thoughts on how to interpret it.

What you’ll takeaway:

  • How organisations are prioritising GDPR compliance
  • What steps organisations are taking to reduce risk
  • Which pieces of the GDPR present the least concern
  • Benchmark compliance risk spanning over 400 global companies

You can stop by TrustArc booth #22 to say hi and learn about our GDPR Implementation Solutions.