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TrustArc Panels at Privacy. Security. Risk. 2017 – Recap

November 02, 2017

TrustArc Booth At Privacy Security Risk 2017

The Privacy. Security, Risk 2017 event was held in San Diego, California and the TrustArc team presented on several panels, and also brought a team of privacy pro’s to share how TrustArc is helping organizations around the world comply with the GDPR. Discussions were lively, and attendees were very knowledgable about GDPR requirements and what their organizations still need to accomplish by May 2018. From participating on panels to providing fun at your desk (have you heard of a fidget cube?), TrustArc’s presence was felt throughout the conference.


TrustArc Panels at Privacy Security Risks 2017

TrustArc’s CEO, Chris Babel spoke on a panel with Kristen Anderson, Staff Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission, Sachin Kothari, Director of Online Privacy and Compliance, and Pedro Pavon, Senior Corporate Counsel, Oracle. The panel discussed “what third-party compliance will look like for ad tech”.  The panel discussed what compliance will look like post-GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation, what FTC compliance will look like per cross-device tracking, and best practices and practical approaches.

TrustArc at Privacy Security Risk 2017

TrustArc’s General Counsel & Chief Data Governance Officer Hilary Wandall spoke on a panel with David Doyle, Open Data Program Manager, City of Seattle, Kelsey Finch, Policy Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum, and Jonathan Fox, Director, Strategy and Planning, Chief Privacy Office, Cisco. Their session, “Privacy Impact Assessments for Smart City Projects”, illustrated how to assess, prioritize, and mitigate privacy risks in smart city and smart community projects with case studies and sample PIAs.

Hilary also joined Harvey Jang, Director, Global Protection & Privacy Counsel, Cisco, and Krysten Jenci, Director, Office of Digital Services Industries, U.S. Department of Commerce to discuss the “Growth of the Cross Border Privacy Rules System in Asia.” Hilary and Harvey went through the recent developments and expansion in 2017, defined CBPRs, and explained how they can benefit an organization.

Hundreds of attendees stopped by the TrustArc booth and/or attended the TrustArc Cocktail Party to say hello and learn about GDPR compliance solutions.

If you would like to learn more about how TrustArc can help your organization meet GDPR requirements before May 2018, contact us.