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Potential Business Benefits from Increasing OBA Icon Awareness in Europe

December 16, 2015


Europeans are growing more aware of their opt-out choices when it comes to online advertising a new survey shows.

The survey conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of TRUSTe and the EDAA measured awareness, engagement and impact of the European Self-Regulatory Programme for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA).

The findings showed increased awareness of the OBA Icon across the 13 European countries surveyed. In 10 of the 13 countries surveyed, at least 1 in 4 consumers who are aware of the OBA Icon say they have clicked on it. The survey also found that the European Self-Regulatory Programme can have positive effects on consumer attitudes towards the concept of OBA and trust of the brand being advertised by providing transparency with regard to information being collected and allowing consumers to control their privacy preferences.

Gaining consumer trust by providing choice and transparency is key for businesses that want to be successful. In early 2015, TRUSTe conducted another survey gauging U.K. consumers’ trust in companies that collect personal information. Compared to previous years, an increasing number of consumers said they were concerned about their online privacy, which resulted in the majority of consumers saying they avoid doing business with companies that don’t protect their personal information. Consumers said the best way for businesses to help lower their concern was to provide more transparency about how their information is collected and used.

“This research shows the importance and effectiveness of programs which enable consumers to exercise meaningful choice with regard to online behavioural advertising, as opposed to turning off ads altogether,” said Chris Babel, CEO TRUSTe.

Read the full report, infographic and press release.