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APEC Member Economies Endorse ‘Privacy Recognition for Processors’ Standard

February 04, 2015

After four days of intense meetings and discussions at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation’s (APEC) First Senior Officials Meeting in Subic Bay, Philippines, APEC Member Economies today completed work on a  “Privacy Recognition for Processors” (PRP). The PRP is designed to help data processors demonstrate their ability to provide effective implementation of a data controller’s privacy obligations consistently with APEC’s Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) System.

The PRP is a series of 17 program requirements a processor must implement in order to be certified by an APEC-recognized Accountability Agent.  In the coming months, APEC Members will complete the procedural documents necessary to recognize Accountability Agents that will certify interested data processors.

TRUSTe has actively participated in the development of the APEC CBPR system over the last 8 years and Chris Babel, CEO TRUSTe and Josh Harris, Policy Director, were in the Philippines at the Senior Officials meeting this week.

TRUSTe was re-recognized as an Accountability Agent for data controllers under the CBPR System by the 21 APEC Member Economies on January 27 and plans to continue work with APEC Member Economies to establish a trusted global data processing network under the PRP.

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