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TRUSTe’s Top Five Webinars of 2014

December 23, 2014

We know privacy compliance can be a complex subject for the vast majority of people. Not only are there many layers to privacy in terms of global compliance and best practices, but privacy law can be a bit, well, dry if not presented well. This year, our knowledgeable and passionate privacy experts at TRUSTe, in addition to our great partners, have been able to shed some light and spark a lot of interest in the growing field of data privacy management.

In 2014 our top five webinars touched on privacy compliance and best practices, the future of privacy and its impact on businesses, and the evolving privacy landscape. If you missed any of these webinars, we provided links below so you can listen in to some of the leading privacy experts discuss this increasingly important topic.


1. “The APEC/BCR Referential and Why It’s Important for Global Privacy Compliance” (March)

A week after the joint announcement by Chairwoman Ramirez of the FTC, along with representatives from the EU’s Article 29 Working Party and the APEC economies, this webinar was held to focused on achieving cooperation among international regulators. Attendees heard from a panel of experts who discussed the latest APEC/BCR Referential announcement and its implications for international businesses. They discussed the introduction of an APEC/ BCR Referential tool would map the requirements for APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPRs) against the EU Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs), which would ultimately help companies adopt data protection policies that are compliant with both the APEC and EU-BCR frameworks.


2. “Forrester & TRUSTe Webinar Series” (May)

This three-part webinar series explored new approaches and the benefits of investing in data privacy management within business. The first webinar titled, “The New Privacy: It’s All About Context” was hosted by TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel who was joined by leading Forrester Research, Inc. senior analyst Fatemah Khatibloo, TRUSTe executives, and privacy professionals from leading brands and publishers. The second in this series titled, “Total Economic Impact” was hosted by TRUSTe’s VP of Marketing Dave Deasy. The third and final webinar was titled, “Privacy Investment Success Stories.” See below for the webinar links.    

3. “EU Cookie Sweep: Are You Compliant?”  (August & September)

This two-part webinar series came just in time as the EU Cookie Sweep was fast approaching. Businesses wanted to ensure compliance and trust with consumers. TRUSTe and Promontory hosted the first webinar in the series titled, “EU Cookie Directive: Key Steps to Compliance.” Attendees learned about the EU Cookie Directive and the steps needed to stay cookie compliant. The second webinar was hosted jointly with Fieldfisher in conjunction with the launch of a new Whitepaper to help companies address the requirements of the Directive.


4. “Tips and Tools for Conducting Effective PIAs in Today’s Complex Privacy Landscape” (October)

TRUSTe’s Director of Product, Compliance Solutions Ray Everett and TRUSTe’s VP of Product Management Kevin Trilli hosted this webinar with Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer at Return Path. They discussed Privacy Impact Assessments – an established tool to help organizations identify, assess and alleviate privacy risks associated with new products and business initiatives. PIAs have been introduced as a requirement of many global privacy laws. The three addressed questions such as “When should you conduct a PIA?” “How do you determine the scope?” and “What are the best tools available to streamline this process?”


5. “2015 Privacy Priorities – Leading the Pack”  (December)

TRUSTe and IAPP hosted this webinar to discuss the results of a recent TRUSTe and IAPP research that showed corporate privacy priorities and needs for the coming year. TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel spoke with Sam Pfeifle of IAPP and Hilary Wandall of Merck & Co., Inc. about corporate priorities to ensure privacy compliance and brand trust in the year ahead.