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TRUSTe Launches Data Privacy Management Platform to Help Manage Complex Privacy Initiatives

September 18, 2014

Enterprise-level Data privacy management solution from TRUSTe.With the explosion of big data, companies know that successful data collection is crucial to the success of their business.  If collected and analyzed properly, the use of big data can help companies outperform the competition by leveraging new data-driven strategies, uncovering new trends and benefits. However, the use of this data also brings significant privacy challenges relating to consumer trust and regulatory compliance.

In today’s evolving privacy landscape, privacy professionals have struggled to keep pace with changing technology, legal and compliance risk requirements in order to protect their brand. These professionals are tasked with the difficult challenge of staying on top of numerous privacy laws and regulations in multiple locations (such as APEC, COPPA, and the EU Cookie Directive) while at the same time, enabling the proper controls and ongoing monitoring procedures across privacy, IT, legal and business units within the company.

Today, TRUSTe has launched the Data Privacy Management (DPM) Platform, the industry’s first end-to-end data privacy management solution to help enterprises manage complex privacy initiatives. This platform makes it simpler for privacy professionals to manage all their needs in once place by allowing them to assess and manage global privacy risks, implement compliance controls and ensure ongoing monitoring across multiple business teams using a single dashboard.

Key features of the TRUSTe DPM Platform:

  • Integrated Data and Process Audits
  • Assessment Template Library
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Privacy Controls Database
  • Automated Gap Analysis
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Streamlined Workflow Management
  • Centralized Project Archive
  • Enterprise Privacy Dashboard

What’s more, Forrester recently released a TEI study citing 151% ROI for enterprises using TRUSTe – proving the benefits of privacy investment.

For more information on the platform, read the press release or contact TRUSTe sales at 1-888-878-7830 (U.S) or +44 (0) 203 078 6495 (EMEA).