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Webinar on Key Steps to EU Cookie Directive Compliance

August 14, 2014

Webinar from TRUSTe on overview of EU Cookie Directive.

With the EU “Cookie Sweep” quickly approaching, TRUSTe is helping businesses ensure compliance with the EU Cookie Directive with a 2-part webinar series titled EU Cookie Sweep: Are You Compliant?

Earlier this week, TRUSTe and Promontory hosted part I of the series, EU Cookie Directive: Key Steps to Compliance. This session provided attendees with an overview of the EU Cookie Directive and outlined steps businesses need to take to stay cookie compliant and win the trust of European customers. Watch the recording of this webinar.

Part II of the series, EU Cookie Inspections: Are You Ready? will feature speakers from TRUSTe, Fieldfisher and the CNIL and will provide an in-depth look at how businesses should plan for CNIL’s Cookie Inspections. Register now for this session on Thursday, September 4th.