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TRUSTe App Ensures Ad Compliance and Drives Consumer Relevance

June 13, 2014

This week, Facebook announced that they will start tracking their user’s online behavior in order to serve more targeted ads. This means that Facebook users will now start seeing more relevant ads based on their interests, benefitting advertisers in the process.

Today, we’re continuing this trend by bringing advertisers one step closer towards understanding the needs of consumers and what they want out of their online experience. We released the TRUSTe App to help consumers get the true value out of online ads and directly share their interests with the ad ecosystem – helping advertisers drive the growth and relevance of interest-based ads in a privacy-safe manner.

Finding the right balance between privacy and personalization for consumers has led to the creation of self-regulatory guidelines to help provide consumers with a way to manage their privacy online, which, up till now, has only had oversimplified mechanisms for entirely opting out (or back in to) targeted advertising. We’re taking things a step further by offering a simple way for consumers to also tell advertisers the type of ads they want to see in the easy-to-use TRUSTe App.

The TRUSTe App combines TRUSTed Ads, our comprehensive ad privacy compliance solution, with TRUSTed Interests, a consumer interests management solution. It allows consumers to actively manage their personal preferences for interest-based advertising and share interests with our ad partners for a customized privacy-safe advertising experience. The App also helps advertisers ensure compliance with industry self-regulatory guidelines.

The TRUSTe App provides further insight into the interests of consumers as it puts revolutionary technology in the hands of everyone to build a richer, more relevant advertising ecosystem.

Download the app today for free from the App Store (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), or at Google Play (Android).