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Join Us at pii2013 to Discuss Privacy Developments Outside the EU & US

September 12, 2013

Saira Nayak

How is privacy evolving in jurisdictions outside of the United States and European Union? That will be the main topic of discussion at my panel entitled: “Beyond the U.S. and E.U.: A Look at Data Protection in Other Parts of the World,” part of pii2013 next week in Seattle, Washington.

pii, which stands for “privacy, identity and innovation” is a uniquely different privacy conference that @Jim_Adler describes perfectly as the “the best gathering of wonks, geeks, and suits.” This year, the event kicks off on Monday, September 16th with a daylong global data protection workshop – a must if you need a crash course in what’s been happening in data protection around the world.

After discussing developments in the US and EU, the workshop will pivot to developments in the rest of the world. Our esteemed panel will include Matthew DelNero of Covington & Burling, Amrita Srivastava from Desh Elliott, Dona Fraser of ESRB, and myself.

We’ll take a general look at overall trends:

  • Are countries following a more prescriptive approach when it comes to privacy regulations and rules for newer technologies?
  • How does the culture or history of a region inform its approach to data protection?
  • Is self-regulation playing a role in the development of online frameworks?
  • Do government regulators in these countries enforce the law actively?
  • Does the government have access to personal data being exchanged through internet intermediaries like Google and Facebook ?

We’ll also chat about the impact specific requirements – such as Brazil’s recently enacted Marco Civil da Internet, which requires that the personal data of Brazilian citizens be stored locally (causing particular concern for cloud providers as described in this recent ZDNet article).

Join me on September 16th at the Space Needle in Seattle for what promises to be an illuminating discussion! Also, don’t miss TRUSTe CEO, Chris Babel, on September 18th for a panel entitled, “The Future of Digital Advertising.” See full schedule »

Space is limited, so sign up today! Follow the discussion online: #pii2013.